Film: 5017

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Factual film about Aluminium and Magnesium and its uses, 1970s. Much of the film is just very short clips, glimpses of products and uses for objects produced from aluminium and magnesium, backed up by technical diagrams and explanations.

Film introduction includes a series of short sequences of close up views of crystals in rocks, items made from precious metals and tools from bygone eras. Close up of a jagged saw edge. Quick montage of clips including a view from a large ferris wheel, Tower Bridge London in an open position, plane coming in to land. Close up of plane shows its name as Huge Viking. A boat in a harbour – Bergen is visible on the rear of the pleasure boat. Piccadilly Circus London with double decker bus passing. The bus has a Harrods advert on the side. People walking along a busy city street, possibly Oslo, with trams in the background. Heavy traffic on a city street in Europe, maybe Germany. A telecommunications tower.
View of multiple TV screens in a retailer’s window, all showing a wrestling match. The needle being lowered on a B&O MMC4000 Bang & Olufsen record player. The record turning around as the camera pulls back to show a wider view.
Technical facts about aluminium production interspersed with real life clips. A potter at the pottery wheel, a saw cuts through a metal bar, gemstones and jewels laid on a table. High level view of an alpine lake, sand dunes, a barge being pulled by a tug, a ship is having its cargo emptied by suction pipe. What looks like white sand is being pumped out. A large waterfall and rapids flowing over rocks very fast. Generators in what looks like a hydro-electric project.
Control room interior with a crescent shaped desk in the centre of the room. Excellent example of 1970s interior. Almost a science fiction style setting. A man sits at the desk and answers a Ericofon telephone before reaching towards a switch, on the large control panel surround of his desk.
High power electric pylons and exterior of a large building. Furnace or factory producing aluminium. Diagrams helps explain the process along with French commentary. Aluminium plant in action, molten metal poured into moulds. Man wearing safety visor. Large metal pipes are stacked. Metal casing is removed from a machine. Large steel rollers in a factory. Man wearing a red hard hat stands at a control panel. Sheets of aluminium being inspected in a factory. Looks like car licence plates being made. Lots of strands of metal wire being woven into cable in a factory. Aluminium blocks being cut and machinery moulding pieces into extruded or flattened and shaped products. Pieces being put together by two men, to create a fenced compound or holding pen. Yachts moored in a harbour. A metal awning. A man picks up a hang glider. Snow or water skis having their edges polished, before being stacked. Radiator being fitted into a car as it progresses along a production line. A woman lifts the lid on a saucepan and looks in.
Asian chefs working at a professional stove cooking in woks. Stir fried food is ladled into aluminium take-away containers and the lids put on.
More use of aluminium to line wheel arches in cars. Irrigation pipe running through crop of plants and sprinklers in operation, watering the crop. A woman is watering her tomato plants in a greenhouse. Woman in the shower rinsing her hair. Aluminium panels going through a bath or dipping or coating process in a factory. They are lifted out in a gold colour. View of aluminium blinds at windows in a small high rise building. Views of larger high rise buildings from ground level.
A piece of metal labelled Mg – Magnesium. View over a body of water and rocks at the shoreline. Close up of healthy looking plants and leaves. A woman breast feeding an infant. A woman with a wonderful 1970s hair style. Close up of toothpaste being squeezed onto a tooth brush. Young girl with blond hair brushes her teeth. Man swallows some medicine whilst sitting on the side of the bed in his dressing gown. A very white looking waterfall – Magnesium processing plant. A chalk like substance is created. Man in a mask stokes a furnace. Diagrams shows Magnesium Chloride extraction process. Factory floor with magnesium metal being poured into moulds. Bars or ingots of cooled magnesium metal on conveyor belt and being stacked by machines. Bars being melted before pouring into further moulds. Close up of typewriter in action. The typed page moving through the machine. Another factory with molten metal pouring into moulds and parts being manufactured.
Close up of the rotor blades turning on a helicopter. The helicopter takes off from an airfield.
Engine parts or transmission casings are removed from a press. More hot moulded metal parts are handled with people in safety wear. Pressings are made in a Volkswagon factory. A woman making car speakers. On the production line, engines are installed in the car bodies, looks like VW Polo vehicles.
A factory worker builds a Husqvarna chainsaw engine on the production line. A woman puts the exterior casing a power drill. The finished AEG drill being used by a man in spectacles. At home a lawn is being mowed. Heavy industrial drill or power hammer powering through a wall of rock, with a bulldozer in the background. A Husqvarna chainsaw going through a tree trunk. The tree falls.
A woman solders connections on a circuit board, in a factory setting. A sign in the background reads Tandberg. A woman inspects a box camera in the manufacturing process. Another woman working on putting together a home use film projector in the factory. A couple with their young child watch home movies in their lounge. They view a film on their Eumig R2000 TV style film projector.
A man practises walking with a metal false leg, supervised by a white coated medical professional. He walks between two gym bars for support. Another man walks alongside, with a different type of false leg. Close up of the knee joint of the false leg as it bends. View of the leg from behind. The same man is then filmed playing golf. He tees off and walks away with a slight limp, carrying his golf bag.
A needle goes from zero to ten on a KV gauge dial. High voltage electricity connectors.
The under carriage of a SAS or Scandinavian Airline System aircraft. The passenger plane is being loaded with cargo, luggage or catering supplies. Passengers checking in at the airport, as viewed from behind the check in counters. The plane takes off on the runway heading towards the camera.
A pleasure boat with the name DrAupner moving across the water. Very brief clip of a caravan being built in a factory. Haulage truck pulling away from a truck park, viewed at wheel level. Volvo coach driving towards the camera on a city road. Reels of cable being wound into thicker multi strand cables in a factory. Men appear to be winding copper cable around a large cylindrical device. High voltage power station.
Water ladled onto coals in a sauna. Two men sweat it out in a sauna in their towels. Toast pops up in a 2 slice toaster. Woman ironing. Fully laden tray of dishes is pushed into a dishwasher and the door is closed. Girl brushes her long hair. A wall mounted dial telephone is answered by a young boy.
Road works van at a street corner, where a small striped tent is sent up on the pavement. A car pulls up to the junction, possibly a 1970s Ford Cortina. Engineers are working with cables in their tent on the footpath. They are joining thin wires together with a portable machine.
Rows of white coated engineers are peering into microscopes or magnifying scopes while working on very small aluminium computer micro chips. A woman’s face in close up as she looks into the scope. View of what she is seeing through the scope, as she solders aluminium connectors.
A large bank of flashing lights on a display board. A man wearing a hard hat works at a 1970s desk top computer. He looks towards the printer on the desk. A monitor with moving green lines – like a cardiac monitor? A school boy doing homework at his home desk. He uses a hand held calculator. View of the calculator’s digital screen. The face of Big Ben. A man looks up and then checks his Seiko digital watch to see if it matches the time on Big Ben of 1100.
Aluminium square bars are melted in a furnace. Two men on a factory floor talk while standing beside moulded engine parts. Aluminium or magnesium being moulded into products. Man on a production line places tubes into Haas + Sohn products, possibly boilers of some kind. A man checks a giant roller – paper? Man carrying a car windscreen. He stacks it with many others. Factory making windscreens. Large vat mixing paint or colourising some white substance with red dye. Medicine capsules being made. Farmer feeds cows in a barn. Grain is poured into a trough. Farmer spreads fertiliser pellets from a tractor hopper. Hot, sparking furnace. Scientist looking into microscope. View of what he sees – possibly magnesium particles in close up? Close up of 1970s British cars on a busy road. Glass jar of bubbling pink water. A scientist’s face can be seen peering from the other side of the flask. Architects working at draughting boards. The film then ends abruptly.

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