Film: 5018

Politics | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Recent historical and political background to 1970's Israel / Palestine

Bloke with handlebar moustache sits on the shore listening to the waves, he says that the ocean might not be able to sustain life, man has ten years to solve environmental problems, overpopulation, nuclear and other ecology issues, the Hebrew prophets predicted all this, the Jews returning to Israel is a sign that the world is coming to an end.
Views of the ruins of classical Israel/Palestine, empty houses and old style streets. View of possibly Jaffa / Tel Aviv harbour. High rise buildings. Modern buildings being built. Four or five construction shots. Four shot quick montage of Jewish faces. Menorah with sunset behind. New built housing estate aerial. Tel Aviv beach aerial. Aerial of village. Aerial of dome on the Rock. People in the streets. Taxis. Man walking, crowds in the street. Market. Horse and Cart. Street market. High rise building and beach in before. Sunbathers on the beach, several shots. Eating ice cream. Coca Cola sign in Hebrew. Crowds knee deep in the sea. Smoggy city. Camels and camel herder. Camels in the desert. Boy herds sheep by donkey. Old city of Jerusalem, several shots including churches and mosques. Bedouins in the desert. Group of Arab men crouched talking. Donkey on the city wall. Jerusalem gate.
Bedouin Arabs at market. Three woman in veils. Loading a donkey. Market stall women hands over a note. Black olives in boxes. Several shots of women and men buying and selling in the market. Clothes laid out on the ground for sale. Man inspects spices. Women shows clothes. Women unfolds a note.
Long View over Jerusalem. Masada, rocks, various aerial views.
Engraving and stills, lots of world war two and suffering of the Jews. Boats arriving in Israel. People unloading on the beaches. Cheering groups, some in the striped uniforms of the camps. Jewish immigrants on the rail of a liner. Immigrants to Israel disembarking from a boat.

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