Film: 5042

War + Military | 1990 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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John Huntley discusses film as propaganda in World War One and some in World war Two

Goebbels speaking to a packed hall, 18th Feb. 1943, he asks for support for" Total War " . Crowd stand, applaud, sing "Deutschland uber alles". Boer War footage,
Britannia on stage, British troops crossing the river Moder. Voice over explains that at this date films were shown not in cinemas but in fairgrounds. Shot of turn of the century fairground, with dancing girls. Faked footage of British sentry being overpowered by Boer guerrillas. British soldiers rescuing nurses from Boers. Kruger captured by Tommies on Majuba Day, covered in a Union Jack then shot. This
was shot at Muswell Hill by Robert Paul.

John Huntley appears on screen, talks about WW1 propaganda film. A shootout on a bridge between "Germans" and British. A cameraman shown filming "Germans" running away. Kitchener reviewing troops. Street parade in Deptford, mock tank, mock aeroplane, Scottish soldiers. Cardinal Vaughan addressing a recruiting drive in Trafalgar square. Fundraising tombola in Harrods. George Robey auctioning cotton bales in Liverpool on behalf of the Red Cross. A garden fete, a hoopla stall, a bouncing ball game. Picture of Kaiser Bill.

Footage of the real Kaiser. The Lusitania. Crowds waiting for news.. Faked footage of the sinking on a lake on Wimbledon Common. Windsor Mackay. His cartoon reconstruction of the sinking of the Lusitania.

, Wounded return in Red Cross ambulances. The front of a First World war era cinema, Mary Pickford advertised. Soldiers behind the lines. A soldier in braces, reading a letter.
Soldiers laughing and opening parcels. Extracts from "Britain prepares", made Dec. 1915. Soldiers running through fire, on Salisbury plain. Extracts from feature films of the day. A bourgeois card party. Man at vegetable stall. A note asks him what he is doing for his country. He kisses his wife and goes off to war, she has difficulty moving the vegetable barrow. A middle class woman gets the same note. Depiction of nurses and bus conductresses Wounded having tea in a stately home.

Brooks Carrington, the first frontline cameraman, with his camera. Soldiers marching along a road. Huntley discusses difficulties of front-line filming. French
aerial Photography. Plane on the ground, camera being unloaded. Mervyn C. Cooper with camera plane.

Crowds. Horatio Bottomley. Anti German Riots in London, attacks on shops with German names. Mob attacking a church to get at a pacifist, policeman on a horse watching. Official film "Once a German always a German" - two Germans in spiked helmets attack a woman with a baby. , Edith Cavell being shot. Kitcheners ship.
Footage from the Somme, Huntley discusses how genuine it is. Over the top from the trenches,
Lloyd George, cheered by crowds. Gardeners at work, ploughing. Milk being poured into a 40 gallon container. George Robey.

Clemenceau consulting with generals. Haigh walking with Joffre. King George V
awarding V.C. s to Private Caffrey, and Captain Crow of the 2nd Worcs. Private
Cunningham,V.C. handing out sweets to children. Royal Flying Corps, including Billy Bishop. German fokke aircraft. Goering as a young flyer
(20 mins timecode).
Germans examine a downed plane and chat to captured British pilot. Von Richtofen ( the Red Baron ) dressing ready to take off. Wreaths being laid on Richtofen's coffin, which is carried to a lorry. The
lorry leaves, preceded by a guard of honour. Volley from the firing party as the coffin is lowered.

Propaganda conference at Beaverbrook's home, 1917. Army trucks carrying projectors to show propaganda films. Clowns entertain troops in France. Soldiers queue for "field cinemas" Cartoon of the Kaiser as a knife grinder, by Lancelot Speed. (at 24 mins) John Bull asleep. Kaiser with batwings menaces Belgian woman. Britannia awakes John Bull, who rushes to the rescue.

German prisoners of war P.O.W.s , film shot to show neutral countries how well they were treated. Various German soldiers pose by what looks like an English stately home. (26 mins)
Trenches, soldiers. Balloons used to drop leaflets. Piccadilly circus, Sept. 26th 1917. Houses of Parliament. This film made to counteract claims that these had been destroyed.
Cecil Hepworth in uniform. "Anna" from 1918 - war bonds promotion. "Every child
can help to stamp out the Hun"

John Huntley by the sign for the village of Ham , in France. D.W. Griffith shot footage here for "Hearts of the World". Griffith with British officers. Scene from "Hearts" , a
German searches for a French soldier, Lillian Gish stabs the German. Artillery fire.
Griffith trying on a gasmask. "Hearts " footage of French counter - attack . A little girl
rescued. Civilians celebrate. Griffith receives chevron of honour in Hollywood. Last
shot of the war(still).

Soldiers exchange hats after the armistice. Homecoming soldiers kiss wives. Children greet fathers. A spiked helmet souvenir. Burial of unknown soldier Wreath laying at the Cenotaph. Decorations given to widows. John Huntley talks to the camera. Military cemetery. Children laying flowers. A military cameraman. An officer arrives amidst crowds, in an open carriage. Smiling soldiers marching.
Lloyd George meets soldiers. Soldiers on crutches, bandaged. Huge heap of flowers by the cenotaph.

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