Film: 5045

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Driving alternative transport with electric cars and their early incarnation as a environmentally friendly vehicles. Film is annoyingly all stills 1970's

Stills of various types of electric vehicles, from large lorries to family cars. Still of the first electric taxicab. A cartoon of an electric tram, Still of the electric bus. Stills of old automobiles and cars. Commercial transport vehicle, an electric truck. An electric lorry. Still of Westminster bridge and Big Ben in 1900. Early garbage truck. Electric trolley bus. An electric Royal Mail van. An electric crane. Industrial electric vehicles. An electric milk van. Modern electric cars, 1970s. An electric public bus. Two Enfield cars, the tiny Enfield car on the road, photos only. Stills of various other electric cars. Forklifts and raimond pallet lifters. Clamp trucks. All kinds of industrial vehicles in factory settings but no moving picture, all stills. Unigate milk trucks. Stills of milkman delivering milk. Child picking up milk from outside the door. St Albans milk delivery service vans. Stills of airplanes, passenger jets, electric vehicles that provide tarmac and support services for airplanes.

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