Film: 5052

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The work of the Red Cross, in health care, first aid and international projects 1960's

A disabled child on crutches walks along some waste ground. Teenage girls look worried. A young man wets his fingers and wipes his eyebrows. Other young men staring through iron bars look sad. Pan across a 'hippy' festival. A young couple embrace. A woman wearing a red Afro wig holds her baby. Close ups of various types of hippies. A man wearing leather and chains. Police searching festival goers, arresting a Hell's Angel. A hippy chick dances. A hippy dude stares madly and shakes his head around. More crowd scenes, could be Hyde Park. Railway station concourse, possibly Kings Cross. A middle-aged woman stands in the centre looking lost. Shots of women in the crowd wearing fake leopard skin, black PVC, white cap. Rugby supporters. England and France rugby match at Twickenham. Shots of the crowd reacting to the game. A middle aged man sits alone in a darkened room. Title: People Helping People, comes up. A Pan American plane pulls into the terminal. Three nurses walk towards it. People gather on the tarmac for the 21st International Conference of the Red Cross in Istanbul. Delegates in the streets of Istanbul. Delegates muster at the Red Cross Conference Headquarters. Commentary talks of inauguration of Red Cross in 1859. Pan across pamphlets in different languages about the Red Cross. Delegates conference hall filled to capacity. At front of hall is the Icelandic candidate. Light plane flies over the Bahamas. Cutting into a Red Cross parcel of blankets. Distributing goods from the parcel. Red Cross workers arrive at an old man's hut with cans of milk. A woman helper cleans hut, sweeps the floor and dusts down surfaces. Another makes the bed. Another helper brushes an old woman's hair. Close up of Red Cross sticker on red mini. Red Cross worker in London walks towards buildings. She climbs the stairs to visit an old woman. District nurse also visiting. Red Cross worker gives old woman a bed bath. An old man is given a wet shave. Close up of an old man lying in bed. He is being given an injection, The Red Cross helper plumps the pillows on a patient's bed. Another Red Cross worker helps a patient in hospital with the flu. Red Cross worker selling confectionery to patients, running a lending library, choosing prints for the wall and assisting with wicker work in occupational therapy. Visiting time. One woman has no visitors until a Red Cross woman turns up. An elderly lady leaves St. Mary Abbots Hospital. She is driven home by a Red Cross worker. They also air out her flat, feed the budgie, set up the bed, water the plants and make the convalescing patient a cup of tea. She looks extremely grateful as she sips on her tea. Holiday home in Scotland for elderly and ' handicapped ' relatives. Old women playing cards, knitting, an old man plays the harmonica. Fishing boats in the harbour unloading fish. Close up of fisherman washing, de-scaling and gutting fish for a visit by disabled people. Southampton immigration hall. People milling about. A family are leaving for Australia. Man in queue carries bag marked Melbourne. A Red Cross worker helps the family to board the ship. A family walk up the gang way. A family stand on deck with a Red Cross worker. The ship is called 'Fairsky'. A police car with its siren going races towards the camera and stops. A policeman is on the car telephone. A red phone rings and a voice reports an aircraft crash. Shots of airplane covered in smoke (reconstruction?). Fire engines attend blaze. An air hostess looks out the cabin door. A fire engine sprays foam. Red Cross workers are called from their jobs including a boy who works in an office, a shop girl in a grocers. Shot of fire engine from point of view of fire engine spraying water on fire. Red Cross workers race to the scene. Blankets are taken out of the cupboard. A fire fighter covers an injured woman with his jacket. Fireman putting fire out with foam, lifting a woman from the plane. Red Cross ambulance driver drives to scene of accident. On the spot medical care including a drip in an injured person's arm. Injured people lying on stretchers. Ambulance reads Essex. Stretchering injured people away. Red Cross workers bandaging people and confronting people. Fireman continue to put out airplane fire. Demonstration of first aid, bandaging a head, an arm. Sidecar racing. Motorbike 'cam' as the motorcycle goes out of control and flips over and over. Red Cross men run to the motorcyclist's aid. Point of view of motorcyclist using a red filter. Nurses attend to motorcyclist's injuries. A building worker has his head bandaged. A woman is about to step on broken glass on a pebbly beach. Holidays for 'handicapped' children in the country. Wheelchair slalom races, horse riding for children with callipers. A child feeds a horse some hay. They watch a blacksmith at work. The children hang out washing and peel potatoes (including a thalidomide child). Close up of a butterfly taking nectar from a flower. A bee takes nectar from a flower. Older disabled men tend to a garden. A school for deaf children pushing a Zimmer frame. A physiotherapist puts her through exercises to strengthen her legs and arms. The nurse assists her in walking. Red Cross conference hall in Istanbul. Close up of Iceland's delegate, USSR delegate. Close up of Istanbul Red Cross Conference logo. Shots of crowds at rock festival (Hyde Park?).

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