Film: 5064

Railways | 1950 | Silent | Colour


The re-opening of the Tal-y-llyn railway. Wales. Amateur home movie 1950's

Royal Mail van. Table top with various Railway magazines. Table with letters and post laid out.
Towyn Station. Laying tracks. Cleaning steam engines and the new stations. Blackboard notice for volunteers. Talyllyn Railway. Dolgoch waterfall. Working on the line. Close up of a steam engine called Douglas, narrow gauge. Lots of men standing around talking. Lots of onlookers and day-trippers. People riding on the steam train. Workers examining the tracks. Uncoupling a locomotive engine and putting it on the back of a large truck. Talyllyn train. Onlookers. An important looking man makes a speech into a microphone. The opening of the railway. New Dolgoch steam engine. Locomotive pulls into station. Text 'And so the Tal-y-llyn carries on, upholder of a great tradition. The End.'

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