Film: 5066

History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Old film clips compilation, including Her Wedding Night, Carmen, Max Linder short clips from (Un drame à Séville [La mort d'un toréador] (1907) and Un mariage au puzzle (1910) etc mainly pre 1910.

Very good footage of 1946 London street scenes - Piccadilly Circus, London at night 1940s. Buses pass. Neon lights. Cinema exterior. By day, Eros still boarded up after the Second World War. Queues for the cinema. Cinema exteriors. Huge banner fro the Marx Brothers. Leicester Square, Warner Cinema. Buskers.
Marie Lloyd Junior sings 1930s.
Early street scenes circa 1900 with cars passing.
Horse traffic passing and ladies (is this Hyde Park?) Very early 1890s.
'Her Wedding Night'
'Matador's Love'
Melies 'Trip To the Moon'.
Aladdin and his lamp. Genie appears when it is rubbed.
Mistaken identity chase comedy (British) Man matches description of wanted criminal and is chased through the streets.
Criminal gang chased by dogs.
Edwardian ladies perambulation with parasols. Fashions
European comedy with man trying to kill his mother in law with a huge rock suspended above the dining table.
Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany in coach procession with King Ferdinand of Bulgaria.
Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef (?). Tsar Of Russia performs a naval inspection. King George V with M Poincare, French President. Poincare and Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) inspect naval guard of honour. Dock strike 1912, probably Liverpool with Ben Tillett. Captain Scott in the Antarctic patting a horse. Graham Wight flies from London to Manchester. Early aviation. Derby horse race - Emily Davison throws herself under horse. Small racecourse printing press.
Melodrama with rival suitors. One saves the other in Africa.
'Muggins VC'. (1909 Cricks and Martin) Army comedy. Becomes a hero. Soldiers in pith helmets have battle with men in turbans.
1946 - Daily Express 50 years of cinema exhibition - exterior with a long queue. Good cinema queue in central London from 1946

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