Film: 5074

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Northampton 1930's

Wynne Bassett-Lowke sits at his desk and puts on his spectacles. Northampton, Northamptonshire seen from the air (very shaky shot). Military bugler. Procession of lawyers around a church. A coach and horses. Northampton town hall and general views of streets including buses. A clock at noon. Northampton market: an ice cream stall; vegetables on a stall. A village complete with pond and swans. A fete and gala in Abington Park: prize vegetable, flowers; a toddler's parade: children in fancy dress. A band; bowls; swings; slides; golf. Open air bathing / swimming. A rep theatre and rehearsals for the play 'The Bread Winner' by Somerset Maugham. A Northampton housing estate. Eleanor Cross in Northampton and Geddington Castle, Ashby, the home of Lord Northampton. A model aircraft in flight. Cartoon advertisement for Northampton. Bi-planes in flight. Arm bands on people say 'Official'. Monoplane. Woman empties gold fish bowl into a pool. Potting out flowers. Cute black cat shots on lawn. Two women have breakfast out of doors. School sports: running. Trick cycling by Charlie Chaplin impersonator. More rep theatre. A medieval play.

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