Film: 5079

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Horse racing. The Derby. Behind the scenes of horse racing. Newmarket street scenes. Stables, trainers at work, horse studs, jockeys, racing journalism, exercising race horses and breeding horses in the 1940's.

Huge crowds at Epsom race course 1940s. Busy bookmaker. Princess Elizabeth arrives with entourage. The Derby is run. My Love wins the 1948 Derby.

Race horses being exercised on Newmarket Heath. Sign for Newmarket Heath.

Newmarket town centre. Views of various buildings in the town, including Nell Gwynne’s house.
View of the exterior of the Jockey Club.
View of the stables belonging to Jack Jarvis. Horse racing inspired weather vane on a roof. Race horses paraded around a ring at walking pace. Jarvis checks over one horse. The group leave the stables in single file for morning exercise on Newmarket Heath. The horses are watched by men in long coats and hats. Jarvis looks on in a flat cap. Some horses gallop past. Ocean Queen is checked by Jarvis, as is Mermaid and Welsh Honey. Riders head back to the stables, leading their horses.
Frank Butters racehorse trainer, watches horses being exercised. Fast gallop across the heath. Butters observes whilst sitting on a horse. The horse Migoli looking out of his stable. Young stable boy holds Migoli with stable door open. Another hose named Petition is shown. Stable cat.
Sign for Beech House Stud. Row of stables and another horse themed weather vane on the roof. Mares and foals grazing in a field. The stallion name Nearco is paraded in front of the stud’s manager.

National Stud Gillingham Dorset. Horses are led out of their stables. More mares and their foals in the fields. The stallion named Big Game is led around a courtyard. Mares and foals are led in from the fields and back to the stables.

Jockey, Gordon Richards at his home. He inspects his racing pigeons. Gordon with his wife and son and daughter on the doorstep of their house. Inside, Richards opens his post. Film of Richards winning a race. Back to his house and views of his trophy cabinet. He shows off a cigarette case given as a gift by King George V. Other bowls and trophies highlighting his impressive career. Richards leaves his house. A chauffeur driven car is waiting for him. The son and daughter wave their father off as the car pulls away.

Tattersalls Newmarket, crowds are gathered for horse sale or auction. Thoroughbred horses are led around a ring as potential buyers watch. Trainers stand around chatting. A horse is led into a corale with a rider on its back, but the horse is led by another man. Lot 3 is put up on a board. Auctioneer bangs his hammer. Various views of the crowd seated around the ring.

Swirling montage of newspaper clippings and racing odds.
Eric Rickman, a horse racing journalist for the Daily Mail, who writes under the name Robin Goodfellow. Eric talks to his son John, in the garden of his home in Cobham, Surrey. The two men go indoors. Inside view of Eric’s many racing books in his library. He selects a book from his shelves and sits in an armchair. The very thick book is the 1947 racing calendar. He compares the thickness to the 1797 racing calendar, a fraction of the size.

Newmarket. Horses out on exercise. Trainer Ryan Jarvis at work. A row of young race horses are taught how to start. The gate lifts and they race away. This is repeated twice. Horses are ridden back to their stables at walking pace. Jarvis inspects two of the horses before the rider dismounts.
Warren Place and trainer Fred Armstrong. Horses are ridden around a yard under Fred’s watchful eye. Horses are ridden out onto the heath for exercise. Fred Armstrong follows on a grey horse. Individual horses are galloped past the camera. Large group gallop across the heath. Horses are led single file back to Warren Place. A little boy on his pony is the last to ride in.
Stable apprentices play a game of football. They sit on a bench to pose for the camera as a team, then have a kick about. Apprentices play snooker in their hostel accommodation. The apprentice jockeys also play darts and cards. The young boys are served cake from a canteen hatch.
Another morning and more horses are ridden out for morning exercise. The horses ride around in a circle on Newmarket Heath, being watched by trainer George Colling. Sprint races are then held. More horses are walked out to the heath. Visitors to the heath watch, their cars parked to one side. The horse, Nimbus, is shown off to the camera – an up and coming star? More galloping.
Stable boys carry their saddles into the tack room. The horse named Voluntary is patted by Mrs Collings. The horse sniffs the stable cat as it is led away by the groom. Apprentice jockey Mercer is seen talking to camera (his audio is not recorded). A French horse is paraded in front of the camera. Another horse, Stormy, is presented to the camera.
Mentmoor Stud. Mares and foals in the fields. Horses, Ocean Swell and Blue Peter are paraded for the camera. View of more mares and foals in the paddock. Phil Ward watches on. The horses play around chasing the stud dog.

Middleham Yorkshire. Matt Peacock’s stables beneath the towering ruins of the castle. A cart of hay is wheeled into the yard and a horse is led out. Race horses being exercised on the low moors. Racing tout, or man in overcoat, watches the training via binoculars. Three horses are galloped past the camera. Matt Peacock and owner Lord Joicey watch proceedings. Two men hammer the divets down on the moor, following the training.

Tommy Hall, another Middleham trainer, inspects two horses before they go out for a morning gallop. Charlie McClusky, a man only 49 inches tall is reaching at full stretch to feed a horse in his stable. Charlie was apparently the shortest man to serve in the British Army in WWII. Mare, Sheila’s Cottage is led out of her stable and her blanket is pulled off. She won the 1948 Grand National. She is led away by her groom.

Richmond Yorkshire, view overlooking the River Swale. The castle. Stables of Harry Peacock, cows grazing in the foreground. A clock tower. Stable hands all head to the stables carrying their saddles. Harry looks at a clipboard, as horses are led out behind him. Single file ride to exercise grounds. Brief view of horses from the windscreen of a car, which is following behind them. Horses are exercised on the moor. The derelict grandstand of Richmond race course is in the background, as the horses are exercised. Harry Peacock inspects Sea Rack and Penrose Star back at the stables. The stable team all pose in the yard for the camera, including the stable cat and dog – although the cat is more intent on scratching the dog!

River Wharfe Wetherby Yorkshire. Another trainer’s stables. Horses are ridden out of a small yard. One is loaded into a horse box and the truck drives away. Horses exercised once in a park. Trainer Percy Vasey? Watches along with Mrs Senior, who holds binoculars.
Morton Yorkshire and another grand looking stables belonging to Captain Elsey. Horses ridden at walking pace in single file through the manicured grounds and out between the fields, before enjoying a gallop. Elsey watches. Horses named Speciality and Hope Street are posed for the camera. Horses are exercised at walking pace under a purpose built covered area, for use in inclement weather. Farrier at work making horse shoes. He holds up shoes of different sizes. My Chum and British Lion race horses are posed for the camera. There follows a recap of earlier footage with various notable race horses of the 1940s - Nimbus, Peter Flower, Kings Beeches, British Lion, Speciality. Film finishes with various views of mares and their foals.

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