Film: 5087

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Baltic Exchange, Bishopsgate, London 1970's

Big Ben shows 7 o'clock and strikes. A couple in bed asleep wake to an alarm clock.
Pan American Airliner and shipping. Painting metalwork. Vacuuming floor with Industrial hoover.
London street and people on their way to work. Hasilwood House. John Hawes a shipbroker enters building. He matches cargos to appropriate ship. Office scenes using telephone and small typewriters. Discussing deals. Newspaper brought to his desk ' Lloyds'. On board Cargo ship. At port guiding cargo from cranes. Bulk Carrier in dock. Car transporter. Corrales - London. Painting ship. In Hong Kong a crew with their luggage await transportation. Weighing luggage. Air transport for cargo - a pan American plane.
Simpsons, London. A sign St Mary Axe EC3. The name Baltic Exchange came from the Virginia and Baltic coffee house where it started.
The Baltic International Centre for Chartering ships and aircraft. The Centre with it stained glass roof and beautiful marble staircase and pillars. Men served coffee. The floor of the exchange. Baltic waiters dressed in livery page members. Close up of faces and facial parts, nose, ears, mouth. A pager bleeps in top breast pocket.
Receiving a message on board ship in the North sea. (The Vinsitter?).
A helicopter takes off with a vital spare part for the ship.
Lunchtime dining and drinking. A chef in chef's hat. Portraits on wall. Ship at sea. Helicopter hovers and man lowered with package.
The London future market and grain imports for the UK. An auger in grain for shipping. At the Baltic Exchange a bell is rung to open and close sessions. Coat of arms with words 'Our word our Bond'. Aerial view of city.

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