Film: 5095

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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Milk Marketing board film about marketing of milk and dairy products since the 1920's. Includes footage of returning soldiers from World War One, 1920's buses, campaigns with celebrities, Bruce Forsyth, Ken Dodd, Jimmy Tarbuck. General Strike Footage.

This is your council 1970. London early 20's, double decker open top bus. West end scene, trucks on road, policeman directing traffic, horse drawn cart. Servicemen returning from World War One, crowd watching. In 1920, National Milk Publicity Council formed with headquarters in The Temple, London, No 13 shown. Scrolling Titles, The Associated Milk Producers Council, The National Clean Milk Society, The British Dairy Farmers Association, The Agricultural Organisation Society, The Central Association of Dairy Farmers, The Royal Agricultural Society of England, The Society of Medical Officers of Health, The National Federation of Dairymen's Association, all united to promote milk and set standards. First Minute Book of National Milk Publicity Council from 1920.

Dairy Show in Royal Agricultural Hall ( is this the Islington One ?), women with butter churns, man and woman at stall watched by crowd, could be rolling out butter. Women serve milk from large urns. Man hands glass to young girl he is holding. Dairy cows. Book open, titles, The Birth of The National Milk Publicity Council, pages turned. Close-up of examples of advertising, examples of milk advertising. Advert of young woman, with the Milk Maid complexion, Take Fresh milk and be healthy. 1926 General Strike, man speaking to crowd. Coal mine. People crowding. Machinery stopping. Empty factories. Poster asking for volunteers to feed people during strike. Farmers and dairymen unloading milk churns. Hyde Park, Marble Arch and old buildings in Oxford Street. Lorry of milk churns being unloaded. Lorries driving past Marble Arch.

Page from The Lancet 1928 explaining the high nutritional value of milk written by Dr Corry Mann and Dr W Cramer. Advert showing boy getting bigger by drinking milk. School milk poster 1927. 3 children drinking milk from bottles with a straw. Little girl smiling as she drinks milk. Row of children all drinking milk. Huge throng of children waving. Advert for National Milk Publicity Council of fairy on bottle called "Fanny Fat". Wall chart of a cow and what it produces. Cartoons to get children to drink milk. Close up of cartoon. Pamphlet milk services to factories. Poster to try to get people to drink milk at work. Advert aimed at housewives. 1933 Milk Marketing Scheme, Milk Marketing Board founded by statute. Still, members of Milk Marketing Board 1933. Cartoon/advert. Dairy cows in field. Cows in shed, 3 men coming to milk them. Man hand milking cow. Bottling plant for milk. Milkman delivering milk, little girl watches. Milkman at door of house.

Still of two women drinking milk through straws, meant to be famous. Children in swimsuits drinking milk. Row of women, actresses? Drinking milk for publicity campaign. Still, male sportsmen drinking milk. Still of people drinking in a milk bar. Cartoon, examples of Milk Publicity. Photograph of Sir Kingsley Wood, Minister of Health. Milk publicity magazine. Photo of Cecilia Colledge, women's skater drinking milk with her German rival Vicky Lindpainter. Photo of milk being distributed to employees at Messrs Horrockses, C & Co of Bolton. Advert for milk with celebrities. Feature on milk cookery exhibition. Photo of children with milk. Milk advertising. Ration Book. War advert for milk. Still of drover with tank on road next to cows. Land girl on tractor. Still of bombed buildings. Still of milkman delivering milk to woman in war. Still of milkman with cart, selling milk to woman. Bombed site.

Milk posters from after the war, late 40's. poster of Norman Wisdom advertising milk. Zoe Newton advertising milk. 1957 Drinka Pinta Milka Day, phrase coined, poster. More posters. Poster, sweet lovers love a springtime pinta. Poster of 'Drinka Pinta Milka Day'. Poster of Pinta. Harold MacMillan giving speech on drinking pint of milk a day. Crowd of dignitaries watching. Man advising to drink pint of milk. Pinta Man, marketing ploy, man with weights posing. Pinta Girls, 3 women drinking milk. Camera pans from girls legs to their faces. Photographers taking pictures. Zoe Newton with the Pinta Girls. Zoe Newton, Pinta Girls and photographers. Pinta Girls driving white car up road in Northern industrial town, past terraced houses. Pinta girl parks and gets out of car. Sign- Palace, Star Bingo and Social Club. Pinta girls open doors to Bingo Hall. Bingo Hall, teller calling numbers. Woman dressed up to get people to drink milk. People queuing at refreshments bar. Bruce Forsythe drinking pint of milk, road safety campaign. Poster advertising "Drive safely on milk". Jack Warner and Mary Rand. Group of photographers. Jack Warner and Mary Rand giving milk to a child. Photos of footballers endorsing milk. Cricketers drinking milk. Black cricketer with the Dairy Princess from the Ridings. 1968 Cup Final- West Bromwich Albion? , David Coleman interviewing winning team. Captain holding cup, asks for drink and gets pint of milk, Tony Brown moves forward to speak to David Coleman. Cyclists racing on road. Cameraman for ABC TV. Finishing line of the tour of Britain milk race.

Annual dairy festival, held by the sea, poss. Torquay? Parade, band followed by milk floats, in Sunderland. Truck with women dressed as milkmaids. Fashion show from 1957, model walks down open air catwalk. Audience watching fashion show. Model in red coat on catwalk. Zoe Newton holding balloons. Zoe Newton letting go of balloons. Weston-super-Mare, dairy festival. Entrance to dairy festival at Weston super Mare. Woman buying programme at entrance. People at the Dairy Festival. Photo of stand at Dairy Festival. Mobile, Festival Train. Boat MV Pintafloat moored next to Waterloo Bridge, Houses of Parliament in background. Name of boat. Boat full of people on Thames.

Sign for 10th Dairy Festival. Prince Phillip gives speech and points to Queens cows. Sign, "Jersey cows and calves loaned by the Queen from Windsor". Jersey cow. Prince Philip says he's wholeheartedly behind Festival. Audience watching. Prince Phillip talks about cream.

Spoonful of cream, part of advertising campaign. Sign "Dairy cream commercial, Kitten, audience reaction test". Cream being beaten up. Kitten licking mouth. Cream piped on mousse. Kitten licking mouth. Cream poured on pie. Kitten licking mouth. Cream put in shortbread, kitten licking mouth. Cream makes simple things taste super-text. Titles "Cream a rich inheritance".

Woman stirring saucepan on hob in kitchen, cookery school. George Villiers making mashed potatoes with real cream. Richard Todd in sitting room introduces way to make Irish Coffee. Sign for Royal Dairy show. Ken Dodd dressed as a milkman drinks milk at county stand. Crowd watching. Ken Dodd with a beauty queen fooling with cup. The Queen visiting the show. Three beauty queens. Queen laughing and smiling. Large Wensleydale cheese. Queen being presented with cheese by the dairy Queen.

Cheese commercial, cheese on a cheese board, picnic. Double Gloucester cheese in a cellar, person sniffs wine in foreground. Snack of bread, cheese and apples. Fisherman eats cheese. Cheeses, Wensleydale, Cheddar, Cheshire, Caerphilly, English cheese with 3 cheeses. Ceremony of the English Cheeses at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, piles of cheese. Chelsea Pensioner cutting cheese with cook. Pensioner cutting cheese with cook. Cut cheese. Pensioners toasting cheeses. Chelsea Pensioner being fed huge hunk of cheese by girl. Pensioners being given cheese all sitting on wooden tables. Poster displaying 9 English cheeses. Posters advertising cheese. Cartoon map of Britain, in old Saxon kingdoms. Cartoon of Romans making cheese. Cartoon of cheese factory from 1870's Derby. Cartoon of "modern" creamery. "cheese maiden" advertising cheese. Cheese maiden. Cheese maiden showing two women her stall. Plate of cheese cubes with cocktail sticks. Woman takes cheese and eats it.

National Dairy Centre building. Sign of welcome. Plaque being unveiled by Christopher Soames. Plaque, premises on Charing Cross Road(145) opened on October 1963 by Christopher Soames, minister of Agriculture. 1967 moved to John Princes Street, new building. Sign above door. Minister for Agriculture, Fred Peart performing opening ceremony. Wooden plaque. Dairyland Theatre, cooking demonstrations. Women watching. Egg being broken into bowl, cookery demonstration. Laboratory, 2 girls ostensibly being shown methods of milk testing, one girl in white coat but with v high heels. Woman in white coat uses pipette. Front windows of National Dairy Centre. Window display. Brochures and bottles of milk. Posters and adverts. Paper bag with advert on it. Display of 3 German adverts. Swedish milk advert. Hungarian or Finnish milk advert poster. Photo of bottling from book. Kenya, advert from Kenya Dairy Board. New Zealand Dairy Board adverts. Toy cow. Poster for International milk day from 1969. Foreign poster for Milk Day. Foreign poster for milk day. Pedigree Jersey cow leading procession of milk maids from around world in London street, 1969. Photographers taking pictures. Procession with photographers. Cow with women walking down street. Milkmaids and cow surrounded by photographers. Photographers taking pictures. Milkmaids and cow posing for photographs. Milkmaids and cow.

1969 Dairy Festival in London. 3 buglers from army playing fanfare. Crowd watching. James Callaghan inaugurating event, as Home Secretary. Audience. James Callaghan speech, says dairy industry worth 500 million a year. Audience watching. Crowd in street. James Callaghan declares festival open. Crowd or audience clap. James Callaghan holding glass of milk. Photographers take pictures. James Callaghan drinks milk.

1969, choosing of the 14th dairy queen, beauty contest, models parading in front of judges. Judges on table. Duke and Duchess of Bedford. The Postmaster General and Mrs Stonehouse, Mr J Ridley Rowling. Girls parade in evening dress in front of judges. Shaw Taylor , Master of Ceremonies. All the beauty queens lined up. Judges converse, postmaster general and wife. Journalists. Shaw Taylor announces the winner. Mary Vincent, from Norwich made Dairy Queen. Woman in pink hat clapping. Mary Vincent given her sash. Hands clapping. Mary Vincent crowned dairy Queen. Close-up of Mary Vincent being crowned.

Newspaper advertisement. Spring Folder 1969 of recipes, devised by Home Economics department. Recipe and photo and cuttings. Woman in kitchen at test centre holding saucepan. Sauce poured over meat dish. Woman's head. Woman adding garnish to dish. Cooked dish, recipe in modern living. Flair magazine, examples of recipes. Page of recipes from magazine. Photo of soufflé and recipes. Photos of ice creams and trifles in magazine. Leaflets, 7 day milk diet, folder titled Daily Mail dieters 1969, full of cuttings about diet. Folder for Daily sketch dieters 1969, cuttings, close-up of press cuttings. Close-up of cutting. Close-up of cutting. Close-up of cutting. Close-up of cutting. Close-up of cutting. Close-up of diet cutting. Photo of Daily Sketch slimmers used in advertising by Milk Marketing Board.

Comprehensive school. Older children drinking milk, soundtrack stating 1968 government stopped secondary schools free supply of milk. Report from National Dairy Council. Diagram showing monthly liquid milk consumption for 68-69. Reports. 1970 advert for drinking milk. Posters saying milk fills the energy gap. Advert, man on production line, voice over saying in between 11am and 2pm there is an energy gap. Milk pouring from a bottle into a glass. Man drinking glass of milk. Man on production line. End, pick up a midday pinta. Explosion cartoon. Advert, cartoon scenery, Pinta Street, real person walks by. Boy hands woman a newspaper, milkman hands her a pint of milk. Husband kisses wife goodbye and leaves for work, boy puts on school cap and leaves. Milkman arrives, woman smiles. Takes 4 bottles of milk. Woman goes into cartoon house. Milk pouring into jug. Boy and girl in background as milk is poured. Milk pouring. Milk poured into dish by woman. Close-up of milk. Milk placed in jug in centre of table. Milk pouring. Milk poured into glass. Woman holds glass. Close-up of milk. Child drinking milk. Woman smiling. Bottles of milk. Words Milk comes first Naturally. Milk adverts in press, in scrapbook. Press advert. Milk comes first adverts in press. Milk adverts in magazine. Close-up of book promotion, dairy book of home management. 2 books, management and Dairy book of home cookery.

Cinema ad for milk-Men standing on film set. Introduced as on the set of "The Adventures of Gerard", actor and actress in foreground. Claudia Cardinale with director and other man. Claudia Cardinale and Mark Burns, she having her hair fixed. Director holding glass of milk as he talks to Claudia and Mark. Claudia mock slaps his face and smiles. Director drinking milk. Men somersault over wall into battle scene of a film. Hussar on horse slashes man on ground with sword. Men filming. Fight scenes. Fight scenes. Man on horse hacking at other man with sword. Peter McKinley and Norman Rossington. Director cuts. Actor drinks milk. Glass of milk, words- Pick up a Pinta, stay on top.

Personality milkman contest of 1969, advert in paper. Milkman unloads milk and walks up path to door. Milkman knocks on door. Milkman takes out extra pint. Woman pays, another man turns up, woman called Mrs Holsworth, milkman Tom Spur, both win £100 as winners of milkman personality contest, she looks genuinely shocked. Milkman says he had no idea he was nominated. Sign outside National Dairy Centre. Jimmy Tarbuck with massive sideburns officiates at prize giving. Jimmy Tarbuck mentions that Sheffield did well against Leeds last night, also makes joke about milkman pinching Mrs Holworth and she liking it. Photographers, back to Jimmy Tarbuck, Mrs Holworth and Tom Spur drinking milk. Woman in audience smiling. Photographers taking pictures. The three stand while Jimmy Tarbuck tells jokes. Tom Spur holds cheque.

Advert showing milkman at bottom. Adverts including milkmen. Float streamers. Adverts. Adverts "cream adds magic to holiday meals". Advert, pick up a pinta, fill the energy gap. For energy and strength enjoy real natural pintas. Cream makes fresh fruit super. Enjoy natural pintas from your very good friend. Ask your milkman for cream. Cream crowns Christmas. The Attwood consumer panel reports. Dairy Mirror paper, 2/3 householders never buy cream, with older housewives buying it more than younger ones. Adverts for cream. Ads for cream. Magazines with cream adverts. TV commercial, cream pouring. Cream on a pie. Cream on fruit. Cream on slice. Cream on pudding. Woman puts label on milk bottle asking for cream, kitten watches. Kitten grimaces, voice says yeah. English cheese advertising. Advert for English cheeses- These foreigners are all the same". Advert advising people to eat cheese if they want to lose weight (what?). Loads of cheese plates spinning round. Union Jack on side of one dish, lid lifted off, football style chant heard. Cheese being cut. Cheese, emphasis on English. Union Jacks on box. Union Jack sign for Stilton. Cheese advert in woman's weekly, tea towel promotion. Advert for tea towel. Promotion for English cheeses. Advert for tea towel. Tea towel. Poster for Super Fresh Food Festival, Sept 15-Oct 11 1969. Promotions in Fine Fare for cheese. Health and nutritional leaflets. Wall charts. Teachers notes. Questionnaire issued to schools. Dairy Education newsletter. Press cutting of Dairy education winning award. Career leaflet for dairy industry.

Copies of Dairy Mirror. Book on History of Industry to mark 50th anniversary of council, called Drinka Pinta, by Alan Jenkins. Diagram 1920, 2 pints per head per week. 1968, 5 pints per head per week, cheese and cream also displayed.

Richard Trehane (president of marketing board) and Harold Smith ( chairman of Milk distribution council). Harold Smith praises the council. Richard Trehane says morale of industry is high as a result of council. Richard Trehane and Harold Smith, all sides contributing and working together as one. Richard Trehane, Harold Smith, film ends.

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