Film: 5097

Media | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A tour of Jayne Mansfield's taste free Hollywood home 1960's

With Dean Miller, Joanne Jordan, sponsored by 'Simoniz' floor wax. Still of the product in a can. Point of view of car going up palm tree lined road in Hollywood, California, U.S.A. Dean Miller going along in his car. Views of Hollywood homes, Beverly Hills. Vignette of Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, Mr Universe. More views of the streets of Hollywood, while commentary gives details of Jayne Mansfield's life. Pan across the 'Beverley Hotel'. Electronic doors open at the gates of a house and a car, convertible, comes in and parks outside a Spanish style house, DM with JM and MH at the foot of some stairs. JM is wearing a violent silver jumpsuit. A tour of the house. DM has to take off his shoes as the carpets are so thick. JM does not know how many rooms are in the house but she has 13 bathrooms, they enter the dining room, hand-painted ceiling, mahogany panelling, Hungarian marble table, MA pointing to a picture window. MH shows a living room wall made of petrified wood and the ceiling is copper. Intercom system as the house is so large, crest with their initials, painted piano and a fountain in the living room, they have a heart shaped swimming pool with under water music and 'I Love You, Jayne', at bottom of pool. MH says he loves the pool, but they have not spent a summer at home yet. JM says she always wanted to be a film star since she was a "biddie girl". Question, "Are you a product of publicity?". Drama lessons at six. She plays the violin and piano. She does a plug for her show at the 'Dunes Hotel' in Las Vegas. MH and JM complement each other. Question, "Do you copy Marilyn Monroe?". She did not know which came first, the chicken or the egg, she does not copy anybody. Question to MH, does he get jealous? They have three children, she acts a bit stupid. JM says she wants ten children. Another view of the gross swimming pool with bad taste statues around. In the nursery, MH leaves JM to it. The three children, Mickey, Jane-Marie, who is fat, ugly and curtseys, and Zoltan. Jane-Marie says she wants to be a movie star!! Mickey was in 'It happened in Athens' with her. To the bedroom, polar bear rug, complete with head on the floor. This is "Sam" who is "the biggest polar bear rug that's ever been rugged". The interviewer says "rugged or shot?", and Jayne replies "I wish he were alive". Heart shaped chair with stuffed dogs, heart shaped bed (aaaagh!!!). The kitsch bedroom is apparently totally pink, heart shaped fireplace, very frou frou. The whole effect is a symbol of love. JM walks around with her hand on her hip as on a catwalk but trailing huge television sound wires. The bathroom (I feel sick!) pink heart shaped bath. Even DM says "it's most unusual". The bath has a gold mosaic bottom with pink marble and pink fur, yes, fur on the bathroom walls. She poses against it, femme fatale style. Gold swan shaped taps. She poses at the mantle piece. Question, Why? (Yes, we all want to know!). Because its her home and her mother's house is pink. "Love is so beautiful". DM asks, "As you were an only child, how did you avoid being spoilt?", Answer, "I managed". JM in close up. She was four when boys first noticed her. She would hide at lunch time so the boys would not stare at her. First date at eleven. DM "Is that a little young?", "We only had popsicles". DM, "And how old will your daughter start dating". Answer "About 40". JM was married at sixteen. You cannot tell what is love at 14. Girls should not rush like she did. How did you meet Micky? At the Copacabana in New York. DM "You are a sex symbol, would you rather be a great actress?". DM, "I rather be me".
Seriously bad taste interior design and decoration and Hollywood at its worse.

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