Film: 5098

Aviation | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


The history Central Flying School of the Royal Air Force at Little Risslington, where the school was located from 1946 until 1976, illustrating the training methods of the RAF and showing a wide variety of their aircraft, both from the early days of the CFS up until the 1960s.Pilots training in the classroom, with fighter pilot training, helicopter training etc

Coat of arms of the Royal Air Force. Title, with bagpipe music. Very dark but possibly a field covered in trees. Framed and curtained portrait of the Queen Mother. A formal banquet hall, tables laid out in a 'u' formation, men dressed in black tie, one man standing, Desmond Llewelyn gives a speech. A table of men turned in their seats listen. Llewelyn continues to speak. An aerial view of an airbase. A very red view of a Maurice Farman bi-plane. An empty sky, then a bi-plane flying. Still of Morris ? Bi-plane in the air (These planes are most likely Bristol bi-planes, though there may be some shots of Maurice Farmans, Henri Farmans, Shorts, and Avros.) An airman walks away from the side of a plane, the pilot waves a goodbye. The ground crew moves away from an airplane as it begins to move quickly down a runway. The airplane moves down the field. A dog fight between a British and German plane. Still photo of a British Prisoner of War held up by German troops led by a German officer. Close up of the British POW's face. Still of men standing in front of the destroyed front end of a bi-plane, the front is covered by a cloth, a worker appears to be trying to fix it. The man speaks at the dinner, leaning over the table. Portrait of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Smith- Barry. Photo, Central Flying School class, 1918. Centre on three men in the front row, seated, middle man is Smith-Barry? 'Original Manuscript Précis of Flying Instruction Complied by R. Smith-Barry at Gosport, August 1918,' a page of faded ink writing is laid on top of the title page, and then another, and then a third. A small instruction booklet, marked Flying Instruction, CFS Library. A 'Notes on Teaching Flying' booklet on top of the papers and the other booklet. A small tractor pulls a large, double engine aircraft down the tarmac, possibly a Lancaster. A jet airplane pulls out of a row of planes and taxis down the tarmac, possibly a Meteor T.7, the first jet planes to enter training service. An airman makes an inspection of the aircraft possibly a Vampire T.11, checking its wheels and landing gear, the wing flaps and the wing tips.
A pilot walks along a building and turns in a the first door, carrying his flight helmet in hand, then the sign above the door, 'B Flight Students'. A close up of the door sign. A man writes on a blackboard with chalk, an adult student enters the small classroom for his flight briefing, exhibiting the one-on-one instruction of the flying school, the instructor talks to the student who sits in a chair in front of him, then moving along the hall way, another classroom where a one-on-one lesson is taking place, both teacher and student standing beside the blackboard and looking at the drawing on it, the instructor traces one of the arcs on the board with his chalk, and then another classroom where a man with a full beard sits in a chair as his instructor points out some points on a poster on the side wall of the room. A group of men get up from a board room table and walk out the door of a conference room, all in RAF uniform. Men in R.A.F. uniform or coveralls walk up a stairwell with clipboards and sheets of paper. A man in a laboratory coat writes on a blackboard with his back to us, he draws a windsock and then looks over his shoulder and pulls the board down. The student pilots come into the classroom and take their seats. The instructor, the man giving the speech at the dinner previously, leans over the table at the front of the room and greets the students. The pupils take their seats. The instructor leans on a chair behind the desk and gestures one of the students forward. One of the students sitting near the door rises. He sits down with his back to the class and the instructor hands him a picture and gestures to the rest of the class, the student speaks. The instructor walks between the desks as the students work. A pilot student sits at his desk with his notebook open before him. The student draws a diagram in his notebook. The teacher walks around the classroom as the students draw in their workbooks. The student sits with his back to the classroom. A pilot sits in uniform at his desk listening. The teacher watches over his class. A man in uniform stands at the front of a blackboard teaching. The class listens, one student holds a pipe in his mouth, smoking. The instructor sits at a desk listening to one of the students teach. The hands of the instructor over a piece of paper, he writes. Quickly, students sitting at their desks reading, turning pages and listening. A book lies in the middle of a carpeted floor. Four other books of various colours and sizes pop up. An instructor does mathematical problems and diagrams on the blackboard, then the students looking at him.
Two men walk with helmets under arms, towards a jet plane, they check the landing gear and slide back the cockpit roof. A plane, possibly a Vampire T.11 or a Piston Provost flies, the RAF roundel on the side. Two pilots, one instructor and one student sit side by side with helmets on in the cockpit of the plane, flight suit and oxygen masks on. Speedometer showing 28 knots. The plane flies. The two pilots. The speedometer. The two pilots, side by side. One of the pilot's hands on the throttle. The nose of the plane. The plane descends in the sky slightly. The gloved hand pulls back on the wand controls. The heads of the two pilots. The view out of the front window, which regrettably must be only visible to the pilots. The steadily rising speedometer. The two pilots talk to each other. The view out of the side window of bright blue sky and wispy clouds. The heads of the two pilots. Another of the instruments on the dashboard. The pilots look around.

Back in the classroom, students sit at their desks and listen, books open in front of them. The instructor, in uniform, explains the mechanisms of one of the flight instruments. A jet airplane, then an airman hooks a gas hose for liquid oxygen to the gas tank. A large container labelled 'Liquid Oxygen. No Naked Flame. Use No Oil or Grease Anywhere On This Equipment'. Two men look in the front cockpit of a jet aircraft, and then the rear cockpit. One of the men points to the control panel of the cockpit, pointing out different control. The control panel of the cockpit with all its dials and gears. The instructor climbs in the front cockpit of the aircraft and the student pilot climbs in the rear cockpit, an airman climbs on the side of the jet to help them strap in. A student pilot in a flight simulator, complete with gas mask and crash helmet, he gives the operator the thumbs up sign, the operator closes the roof of the flight simulator and sits down at his controls. The control panel of the simulator. A jet airplane taxis on the tarmac and moves to the runway. The jet begins take-off on the runway. In the air traffic control tower, the plane moves along the runway. The jet flies through the air. The jet flies through the air and banks to the right. Two jet fighter planes fly close together. From farther away the two planes fly in formation together. Six planes, Folant Gnats of the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force Aerobatics team, fly in formation, making a loop in the sky together, smoke trailing behind them.

The elderly man, Llewelyn, speaks at the banquet of the move of the flying school from Upavon to Wittering. Three men in tuxedoes sit listening at the table. Two men sit at the table, one takes a puff on his cigar, the other adjusts himself in his chair. The elderly man speaks, leaning over the table as he gives emphasis to his words.
The Spithead Air Speed Contest of 1929. A plane pushes up a rooster tail as it skims across water. A man in uniform stands in a boat, one arm lifted as a starting signal, he drops his arm. A Super Marine F.6 float plane flies overhead. Men in bowler hats stand under lampposts milling to and fro. The Mariner plane banks towards us. Smith-Barry in uniform stands talking to other men not in uniform, A close up of his smiling face.
The golden eagle of the Schneider? trophy sits on a table, a book close in front of it , then two men walk down a hallway and turn a corner, a sign on the wall marked 'Basic Standards' with arrow pointing to left, the men walk that way. 'Basic Standards' sign. 'Advanced Standards' sign. A teacher in RAF uniform points with a piece of chalk to a blackboard with diagrams and writing on it. The qualified flying instructor sits at the table listening to the lecture. A hand writes with chalk on a blackboard. The student takes notes. A folded qualification certificate held by a hands, the fingers open it, (too bright to read writing). The 'Air Force List Autumn', 196? sits on a table. A list of names with various qualification letters behind them, including, C.F.S. and A.1.
A large plane sits on the airbase tarmac, another of the same kind pulls in beside it. Ground airmen wait near the noses of each plane with various pieces of equipment. A jet flies into an airbase outside of England, flags of two blue and one white stripe wave in the breeze. A plane sits on the tarmac in a tropical location, possibly India, Sri Lanka or in Africa. Two colonial soldiers march with guns over their shoulders towards a plane.

Two pilots examine an aircraft, possibly a Gnat, they look at the wings, and then climb up a ladder to the cockpit and they both climb in, stand on the seat and look at the cockpit roof. A plane takes off. The plane flies away from us through the air. Three planes fly below in formation. A plane flies. A large transport plane. A small aircraft.

Two helicopters, one possibly a Dragonfly, the other a double rotor helicopter, the larger one takes off. The other helicopter takes off. In the cockpit, a helicopter pilot looks down to the jungle in the Far East ( Korea, or Vietnam?) A helicopter lands in a grassy field, through the open door, a soldier hangs a legs over the edge as the helicopter lands, the troops inside jump out and scatter through the grass. Soldiers get off a truck and walk towards a helicopter, one soldier is on crutches. A helicopter hovers over thick bushes, a rope is flung out from the open door and a soldier grabs it and slides himself down it to the ground. A helicopter pilot checks the landing gear of the helicopter and then climbs the three steps to the side, gets into the cockpit and closes the sliding window. The helicopter takes off. From above, the air base with the air traffic control tower, other helicopter on the tarmac, and air craft hangars. A red helicopters flies. The two pilots in the cockpit, the flight instructor instructs his student. The flight control ever moves down. The RPM dial at 2 and 9. The instructor teaches his student in flight. The Speedometer, at 60. The flight instructor speaks to his student inside the cockpit. The Altitude meter. The helicopter flies.

Two men sit at a table, in uniform, one man, the Instrument Rating Examiner questions the other man, who answers for his flight instrument assessment.
The old man talks at the banquet again. Back and white photo of Flight lieutenant Pat Johnson. The elderly man continues his speech. In 1930, Flight Lieutenant Johnson gets into a bi-plane cockpit and a roof , with no glass or holes to see out of, is pulled over the cockpit opening. The plane, with the cockpit completely covered and the pilot with no visibility, takes off. The wing of the plane as it flies high above the ground. The bi-plane moves into a somersault. From the front of the plane looking back the ground rotates around the plane as it performs of flip. The plane goes into a dive. The ground returns to its original position as the plane comes out of the somersault turn. A Super Marine F.65 piloted by Flight Lieutenant Boon who won the Schneider trophy in 1931, flies over the water, touches it with its pontoons and then flies off. Photograph of George Steanforth, who won the speed record that same year. The plane flies over the surrounding trees. A blank outline of the coat of arms of the RAF, a stylised pelican, symbolizing a seat of learning appears at the top of the badge, the school being the first unit of the RAF to adopt an armorial bearing, a military tower and a naval crown appear, symbolizing its origins, three wavy lines in the middle of the shield symbolizing the River Avon, then a naval anchor, a military sword and a pilots wings appear on a blue background. 'Imprimis Praecepta' appears on the banner at the bottom. The old man continues speaking. The men at the table listen and laugh at one of the jokes. Hendon airfield, the first display of aerobatics there on the 21st birthday of the school, in 1932, large crowds fill the field, women and men are served drinks and food at tables. Airplanes fly up and down behind the crowd. Two men pull an aircraft forward by the wings. Several airplanes move one after the other behind the crowd.

Hitler chats with some of his other officers, he is very animated and happy it seems. Jeeps and armoured vehicles ride over a large field, while in the air, airplanes fly low above them. Hitler walks in front of some of his troops, one hand raised in salute. Hitler inspects some troops.
In 1936, Five pilots stand in front of their planes on a grassy slope. A close up of their faces. From above, pilots stand in a circle around maps, they are all bent over them intently. A group of pilots and a couple of men in uniform hold up a map in front of themselves. Three bomber planes roll across a grass field, their propellers turning. A line of six bi-planes move across a grass field, keeping the line, men walk in between them. A man climbs up under the top of a bi-plane into the cockpit. Another man gives him instruction. The floor of an aircraft factory, men work at individual tables on the same piece of equipment. A man works a machine, rotating a handle repeatedly. Air force officers walk on the floor of the factory, they bend over the shoulder of one of the workers to see what he is doing. A worker talks to the RAF personnel about the work. Workers work as two male and one female officer look on. A man rolls an airplane engine out of one door and into a hallway to another. A group of men approach the engine as it sits by a wall. The men inspect the engine. A hand on a lever, it pushes the lever up, increasing the engine speed. Placard boards with Evening News headlines 'Hitler invades Poland' and Evening Standard headlines 'I will gives Poles a lesson- Hitler', the hands of newspaper vendors holds the billboards. A man pays a newspaper man for a newspaper and walks away with it, passing the placard declaring 'France Mobilizes' Evening News and 'General Mobilization' Evening Standard. A hand holds a newspaper sign, 'Warsaw Bombed- Evening News.' A news stand holds placards and sells newspapers to people on the sidewalk. Two men read the newspaper in the street. A group of pilots in full flight gear walk across a road crossing a desolate field. The pilots of the Empire Central Flying School at Hullavington. A crowd of Royal Air Force men on board a ship headed to Canada. An officer on a ship headed for Australia gives the thumbs up sign. Troops unload down the gang plank from a troop ship. A young RAF trainee carries his bag down the gangplank of the ship. Another man disembarks from the ship. From the front, the propeller of an aircraft turns rapidly. Airplanes take off from a wide runway in a group of ten or eleven. Planes fly overhead, but low in formation. Planes fly below over farmland. Two planes fly together. Two soldiers in a bunker look up and point to the sky. Planes leave smoke trails in the air. A plane pursues another. Coming towards us, the gunner shoots the machine gun towards the plane. Below, a plane is hit by machine gun fire. An airplane zooms by. Looking out the front of an airplane, another airplane is hit by gun fire. Through horsetails of cloud, an airplane is pursued. Two airplanes in a dog fight fly low overhead. A plane dive bombs and crashes into the water.

The staff of the central flying school smiling in uniform, stand in lines outside. The front of a plane form under the wing, the propeller starts. Exhaust puffs out of the engine. In front of an airplane hangar and another plane the pilots are crawling into, the propeller of an airplane begins. Two men climbs into an airplane dressed in flight gear. The wing and landing gear of an airplane as it begins to move across the grass. Three planes moves together across a grassy field, building speed for take off. A squadron of plane flies in formation above clouds and fields. An airfield, with airplanes outside the hangars. A classroom of the Empire Central Flying school, the seats are full and the instructor stands in front of the class leaning on a bomb. Rapidly, intently listening students at their desks. The professor exhibits the workings of a machine gun. Flight command, a pilot comes in to get orders. The pilot and an officer bend over a map and the officer starts to talk. The pilots laughing face. Hand flips the pages of an instruction book. Title page of 'Royal Air Force Flying Training Manual. Part. 1 Landplanes. The ensigns of the various navies and air forces around the world, including Rhodesia and Ireland.. The ensign of Norway. The ensign of Czechoslovakia. The ensign of Denmark. The sigil of Poland. Then the Netherlands. The elderly man talks still. Four airplanes fly overhead, then the airfield of the Central Flying School at Little Risslington, airplanes are neatly lined up upon the tarmac and men walk between the airplanes. The Air Force base, with a plane on a pedestal amongst trees and low brick buildings, then the Central Flying School headquarters building. Seven airplanes fly in formation. The Red Arrows fly over head. A young Air Force officer brings some papers to the Head Instructor, who takes them at his desk in front of the window. Men work on Gnat aircraft in front of the hangars, polishing and doing maintenance on them. Men talk in one of the common rooms. An instructor motions to diagrams on his felt board in front of four students. Another instructor teaches two younger students basic of flight. One of the students sits in his chair. The instructor continues to teach. A ground school training unit classroom, the instructor teaches, the students listen. Teachers teach at black boards with illustrating diagrams. An instructor in a white lab coat uses a pointer to indicate features of an engine. Another white coated professor indicates points on a electrical board with a pointer. A model of a propeller engine. A airman climbs up beside the cockpit on a plane and taps the pilot on the shoulder. A red aircraft pulls out of its parking place on the tarmac and moves along a row of planes. A red plane does a loop-de-loop. Men in great coats look up watching the plane in the sky. The plane continues its loop, it flies upside down, sideways and them straightens out. A close up of one of the faces of the older men on the roof of a building. The plane flies. Men on ground watch the plane with interest. The plane flies. Three men crowded around the cockpit of an airplane look up shielding their eyes from the sun. The Clark? Trophy, a square pyramid with an airplane on top. People sit at a table at the banquet, the Clark trophy sits in front of one man, everyone claps and then another man comes and sits down carrying another trophy. A tall man stands at the head table, another large trophy before him, he speaks. The men at the two other tables listen attentively. The man speaks. One of the men listens. A woman in a white coat comes through a door to listen. A young man smoking a cigarette, exhales. The man speaking calls this man forward. He gets up and takes the large trophy from the table and carries it back to his seat. The Commandant in Chief, the Queen Mother's portrait. Class pictures of the graduating classes of the Central Flying School. Quickly, shots of planes and the central flying school campus. Inside the air traffic control tower looking out over the airfield. Salmond Road on the base, then the street sign for it. The street sign 'Smith-Barry Cres,' then the tree lined road itself. Road sign for 'Gerrard Road' beside a plane on a pedestal. A portrait of Lord Churchill. Credits

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