Film: 5123

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Belgium. Bruges. Industry. Farming. Ghent. Antwerp. Very good film from 1950's

A cockerel crows. Belgian history with old scenes. Cart horses. A man carrying a ladder a woman cleaning a shop front. The Old Country. Ruins of a castle. Children run down cobbled steps to the harbour. Ships at the port. Green fertile planes of Flanders with it's ancient towns. The Black Country. Liege. A belt of coalmines. Molten Steel, Smoking chimneys. A castle Statue of Celtic Chief ?. Oldest own in Belgium (Cal..?). Old fortress La Roche. River towns. Boatmen and Barges on river. A farmer ploughing field. Local tradesmen. Man sharpening knife on stone wheel. Man and cart - a woman buys vegetables. Fishermen. Nets hanging out. Fishing boat at sea. Horses ploughing. Peasants working in fields, watching storm clouds. Turning hay. Wagon loaded with hay. Workforce loading hay on a windy day with pitchforks/pikes. Horses pulling hay wagon.
A barge bulling a cargo boat. Bruges. Unloading cargo. Barrier comes down and lock opens. Woman at wheel of the barge. Windmill. Bruges castle. Waterway with tourists on a boat. Man painting building at side of waterway. Tourists on boat crouch to go under a low bridge. A man gives the tourists on the boat a commentary. They pass the Hospital of St John. Christian Art including Madonna and Child. Belfry and Cloth Hall. Belgian Lion statue. Back to the tourist boat passing more buildings and bridges. Children singing whilst doing crafts including Spinning and lace making?. An old woman doing same craft. An artist with his easel painting outdoors.
(11.40 ) City of Ghent. Views of old buildings. Statue of Weaver? Who saved the city. Cotton being transferred to Barges to go to the Cotton Mills. Bobbins and Spindles, machines working in the Mill.
Rural scenes with cutting, mowing and thrashing. Namur and Liege. Flowers growing. Known as 'the Land of Smoking Chimneys'. Pitheads, slagheaps and coalmines. A steam train. Miners changing shifts - Men black with coal dust leaving and clean men entering. Coal trucks. Tipping onto a slag heap. Passing train. Iron ore furnace. Glass blowing in red hot furnace. Beautiful glass pieces. Molten metal made into steel wire/Barbed wire fencing. Ship building and repairs. Ship Rio Gualeguay - Buenos Aires.
Antwerp and harbour scenes. Shipping. Oil brought in by tanker 'Caltex'. Caltex tanker lorry. Chemical fertiliser being unloaded to go overseas. Lumber from Canada. Ship 'African Prince' Cocoa. Jute from India. A carthorse at work.
Fishing boats. Fishermen with catch. Nets. Fish Market.
Railway trucks being loaded with boxes of seafood. Fishermen mending nets. Corn/Barley growing in field. A church is seen in the distance. People going to church entering through gates. Barley swaying in the wind. White clouds in sky. People leaving Church. Corn moving gently in the breeze. Closer view of heads of barley. Two farmers in suits, just from church? Stand in field of corn checking if ears of corn are ready for harvest. One man rubs barley head in his hand.
Man climbs windmill sail. Windmill turning. Carthorses and harvesting scene with snow on mountains behind. Close up Corn sheaths with windmill in background. A farmer and butcher bargain fiercely over a cow slapping hands. Geese roaming. A hare looks on. The Butcher takes the cow in a trailer. Workhorse being turned out to pasture - The carthorse kicks up it's heels and gallops off.
Ath, Belgium and the Parade of the Giants, a large Pageant. A giant horse dancing through the streets. Arch Duke Albert float. Italian Fishermen on a barge (float). A Lady as 'Fighting Spirit'. 12 feet high Celtic Warriors. Crowd looking on. Close up of drums. Soldiers on horseback. Men on stilts and 4 boys walk on one pair of skis. Close up of huge St Bernard dog. Queen. Folk Dancing. Trumpeters.
Castle. A couple of old men walking up a hill. Memorial of lion at Waterloo. Cemetery and graves at Ypres, Liege and Bastogne. Close up of a soldier's grave from the Second World War. Begonia flowers growing. Men working in fields. Industrial buildings views. Reflection of a windmill in water.

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