Film: 5124

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Madagascar in Africa 1960's

Pan of city. Car on street, and buses. Contrast of rich, large houses, with poor, very crowded shacks. Children carry huge bundles of firewood on heads along pavement. Girls carry water cans on heads. Capital is Tananarive. General views: various racial mixes in the street. Soldier in red beret smokes. Market - pineapples. People walk past crowded stalls. Flower stalls. Amulets and lucky charms. People walk in single file in countryside. Ancestor worship. Tombs. Rice field (flooded) near the capital. Baskets full of rice. Unemployed men hang around on street corners for work. Disabled beggar. People dig through rubbish heap for food. Children in shanty town. Tananarive - general views.
The Protestant farm school at Andanono (?), 40 miles east of capital, opened in 1961. Two men and two women sit at table in open air. Farm school. Village. Woman washes clothes in river. General views of countryside. Train passes farm boundary. The farm will teach better agricultural techniques. Three people walk along dirt road away from camera past signpost. People walk along track by water. Boys enter school. Dutch engineer arrives in his Land Rover which we see in the country driving around bend. Postman pulls letters from pocket and gets off bicycle. He gives them to director. Black director and Dutch engineer scan map and choose next piece of land to be cultivated. Boy rings bell in the open air to attract attention. Senior boys teach classes in open air. Boy points at pupil and gets him to stand. Boys smile. Close-up of faces. Blackboard. Whole family get out of 'bush taxi' and talk to director; they wish to enrol their son. Older boy shows new boy around farm. Maize field. The boys walk through the maize. Pan of farm. Also wheat, potatoes, rice, sago and elephant grass are grown at the farm [not seen]. Boys walk to fields carrying spades. They clear ground. Wheelbarrows. Some of boys dig barefooted. Boys play informal game of football. Taking meteorological data from sheltered box - temperatures. Handful of wheat ready for sewing. Boy waves stick to make two cows walk along. Showing boys tractor engine. Lifting plough. Adjusting aspects of plough. Boys dive and swim in lake. Cataract, waterfall. Boys roll barrel of water from lake to farmhouse. Open air 'laundry' where women wash clothes. Woman ties baby to her back to leave her hands free. Hen and chickens. Kitchen is a hut made of mud bricks. Man chips away at wall, then plasters it. Man whitewashes wall. Children smile, close-up. Plan is for farm to be self-sufficient by 1968. Land Rover in countryside.

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