Film: 5125

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Lancashire 1960's

Londoners answering question, Where is Lancashire? Display ignorance, with answers such as "Coronation Street". Panorama of town. Canal cruise via derelict wharves, song. Horse drawn coal wagon (historical reconstruction). History of canal. Locks, "Fenmere" barge. Watermills and wheels. Aqueduct. Steam engine pumping. Hand-weaver. Railway history in drawings. Reconstruction of Liverpool - Manchester railway. Manchester Ship Canal. Swing bridge. Docks in Manchester. Cobbled streets. One-legged man on crutches. L.S. Lowry painting. Mills. Bolton. Trencherfield. Butts. Steam railway. Industrial fire extinguishers. Large engineering factory. Aerial shot of Manchester terraces. Demolition of chimney and buildings. Tower blocks. Local radio station. School buildings and children listening to radio. Cloaked master at desk. Liverpool docks. Car factory, highly automated. Man using scythe on roadside. Scenery. New building and converted cotton mill. Planners talk over model of Manchester City centre about development - 75,000 houses demolished. Maisonettes. Interview with new resident. Derelict land. Smaller town shopping centre. Stockport Street Market and new shopping centre, 1930's housing. Children playing in the street. Doing up old buildings. Car transporter on M6 motorway. Preston by-pass. Viaduct. Lorries, freight trains and bridges. Trains carrying oil. Black cab arrives at station, man in hurry pays and runs. Man runs for plane at Manchester airport. Pullman coach on train. Picnic on lawn of stately home. Public footpath in country. People sunbathing, riding horses on beach, water-skiing, sail carting, hiking, diving and swimming pool, girl guides, candyfloss. Blackpool Tower and beach, paddling. Golf. Oyster bar on beach, ice cream, pipe smoking. Pleasure boating and canal. Blackpool tram. Macclesfield in Cheshire. Pharmaceutical factory and drug making. New factories. Aircraft making, printing. Cream crackers, ping pong balls, windscreens, electricals. Launch of submarine, RAF plane. Canning factory, Heinz. National Giro Bank (Bootle). Oil on ship canal. Refineries. Leyland truck makers (started 1894). Testing Leyland trucks. Ford factory. Component makers. Radar telescope station, with cows in foreground. Jodrell Bank. Rolls-Royce. Crewe, Rolls Royce factory, railway. Clothing. Barrow shipbuilding. DUKH army jeep-type semi-aquatic vehicle. Garden cricket. Mersey Ferry with poet Adrian Henri (of The Scaffold and The Grimms) reciting his poem I Want to Paint . 1966 plaque opened by Harold Wilson at "Cavern Club". Drummer, saxophonist, band. Illuminated trams. Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Henry Moore sculpture. Art galleries. Lancaster University campus, pan from high level across the buildings. Followed by two shots of students walking on the modern campus. Skelmersdale new town near Runcorn. Children playing with boxes. Aerial shots of motorway.

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