Film: 5126

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The River Thames in detail from Cricklade village to Tower bridge London 1940's

Pan across River Thames from the Houses of Parliament. "The Star - Old Father Thames". Music - a man sings "Old Father Thames". Sun shining on the river. Front of a boat on the river.

Countryside. A spring in the Cotswolds, the source of the Thames. Water flowing. Circles in the water made by a fish jumping. The narrator quotes the poet Edmund Spenser on the Thames. Camera pans from the reflection of trees in the water up to the trees. Path by the river. A quiet road with a pavement, leading to the village of Cricklade. Pub in the village, a man cycles past it. The first bridge over the Thames -a small wooden bridge with four children fishing from it. A boy dangles the fishing rod down into the water. A dog sniffs by the water. Close up of the children, three boys and a girl. The boy with the fishing rod is barechested. The dog walks through the water. Another shot of the children.

The flowing river, there are people in the distance beside the river. View of the ancient Inglesham village. A Norman church. Wooden door of the church. A toy sailing boat with the word Lechlade on the sail. A girl rows a boat alongside a larger boat. Close up of the girl rowing, she is wearing a rolled down swimming costume and a bow or ribbon in her hair. She rows the boat to the larger boat. The Thames at Lechlade. The first stone bridge on the Thames, at Lechlade. Pub sign for The Trout Inn, J Ayliffe. Two fishermen come out of an old stone house. The riverbank with cattle grazing.

Sign in the water for Oxford, with a picture of a fish smoking a pipe. View of spires, colleges and buildings of Oxford. Street in Oxford with cyclists, pedestrians and cars parked in the middle of the road. Bodleian Library, with a couple walking away from it with a bicycle. A man rows a boat on the Isis. Gently rolling hills with trees.

Bridge over the river at Henley on Thames, a boat on the river. A woman with two children and other pedestrians walk down a sloping street with houses covered in climbing plants. Church with a car parked outside, with a tower built by Cardinal Wolesley. A couple walk down a street which goes down to the river. View of houses along the river near the bridge. Two women in a rowing boat pass go under the bridge. Other boats on the water. Sweeping view of the countryside as the narrator quotes "This happy breed" from Shakespeare.

The river and houses at Cookham. A swan in the water. A small boat passes under a narrow bridge. A pleasure steamer on the river. Close up of the pleasure steamer, it is full of people sitting on the seats. Two men turn wheels to open Boulters Lock. Boats stopped in the lock, with people on the steps by the river. Close up of the lock gates opening. The pleasure steamer comes through the lock. It travels on to Maidenhead, where there are other boats on the river. Garden of the Thames Hotel with people sitting outside, a man approaches, waves and goes in. Man standing by a tree in the garden by the river, drinking beer from a glass. A couple sit at a table drinking, the man drinks beer from a half pint mug, a third drink is on the table. A boat is moored by the steps of the Thames Hotel Landing Stage. A couple lay back romantically in a boat, holding the tiller. Close up of an older couple in another boat. Boat on the river.

The Norman church at Bray. The church clock reads half past four. Two men row a boat with a sort of canopy ( a camping punt?). The bridge over the Thames at Windsor, with cyclists and traffic passing over it. Views of Windsor Castle. People sit on the riverbank with the castle behind, a boy runs. A swan in the water. A woman holds a young child on her lap by the water, she has other children with her. A row of children sit beside a woman with their legs in the water, some children are in the water. One small child digs with a stick in the mud. A man in a sailing boat with a dog, wearing swimming trunks. Various shots of people rowing. Trees.

Runnymede, monument to the Magna Carta. People in boats on the river. A crowd of people sitting on the riverbank. Close up of a woman holding a child. Children in the water in swimming costumes, bathing suits. Sign for Hampton Court. Pleasure steamer and other boats on the river as it gets wider, the riverbank is busy with people, the palace is visible in the background. Sign reading "Danger No Bathing or Paddling Allowed", camera pans down to show children paddling beneath it. People on the riverbank. The children in the water turn to look at the camera. Hampton Court Palace from the river. People walking in front of the Palace, cars or taxis are parked beside it. A man looks at a pump in the grounds. Close up of a turret and a tablet on the wall from 1732. Women in summer dresses and others walk through the archways of the palace. Main clock tower. People rowing on the river at Hampton Court.

Sign for Teddington Weir. Boats on the river. Close up of the weir. The Thames from this point is owned by the Port of London Authority. A man in uniform holds the hand of a young girl by the water. A pleasure boat approaches Teddington Lock. The lock keeper, in shirt sleeves and cap, opens the lock by pushing the gate backwards. Water flowing. People standing on the lock. The pleasure boat travels on, there are people walking and cycling on the towpath behind. View from behind of three people looking at the river. A man looks at the Thames from Richmond Hill, Surrey. Scenes by the river in Richmond. A couple in a rowing boat. Two boys crouch by the river's edge, watching a makeshift boat made from a piece of wood. A pleasure boat passes. People on the shore.

Piece of paper "Westminster. Pay as You Earn. Total Tax Due to Date". The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge. Lambeth Palace and Lollards Tower from the river. The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben. The House of Commons terrace, people sitting at tables. People leaning over the rail of a bridge. Children sitting sideways on the steps of Westminster Pier, looking at a steamer below filled with people. View from above of more people going aboard the steamer. People, including a soldier, leaning on a bridge. The steamer again. Two boys watch from above. The steamer moves off. The boys look on. View of Westminster Bridge and St Thomas's Hospital from the river. County Hall. People walking along the Embankment. Waterloo Bridge. A tug passes under the bridge. Blackfriars Bridge. St Paul's Cathedral. The Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves training ship HMS President at its mooring. View from above of cars driving along the Embankment. Closer shot of St Paul's. Broken stonework from bomb damage, weeds growing on former bomb site in front of St Paul's. Cross at top of the cathedral. A pleasure boat travels towards the City. People on the boat, a woman yawns. View of London Bridge from underneath another bridge. Men leaning on the bridge, a soldier walks over the bridge.

Goods being loaded onto a cargo ship. A flag flying from the ship. The Customs House. Men standing on the bridge. View of the flag from above. A woman walks across the bridge. A tanker going down river. Deck of the cargo ship. People on a pleasure boat. View of Tower Bridge from underneath London Bridge. The Tower of London. A military band plays on Tower Hill, surrounded by crowds. Many of the crowd look at the camera. Close up of the musicians. Shots of the drummer and brass players interspersed with a speaker addressing the crowd. Opening. Salters Steam yacht. Sailing barges.


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