Film: 5128

Media | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Reynolds Weekly Sunday newspaper. Very good film
Everything about newspaper reporting and printing 1950's

Sunday morning, the co-op dairy man , aka the milkman, goes through garden gates and drops off milk bottles, picks up the empty ones and puts it in his cage basket. He makes his way along the street. A lone woman in a head scarf and boots walks across Trafalgar Square. The House of Parliament, London beside a quiet smooth Thames. The church or town hall in Nottingham's old market square. Newspaper vendors in the square, their posters lean against the wall, an old man buys a morning paper. Several people buy newspapers, the seller folds them each time.
A newspaper pokes through the letter box at the bottom of a door. A little boy in short picks it up and turns with a big smile. He walks into the living room where dad sits in his easy chair by the fireplace, he takes his pipe out of his mouth and holds out his hand for the paper, the child is too engrossed in it to notice and dad gets up and takes it from him. The man sits down in his chair and reads the paper, a television is behind him. He calls his wife in and she joins him and takes the Women's page. The wife sits down and reads 'her' page and the husband reads through the rest. Fleet street with traffic. Westminster bridge with buses, Big Ben in the background with scaffolding on it. Another bridge over the Thames with a large crowd looking over the edge. Near Euston/ St. Pancras/ Kings Cross station a traffic policeman directs traffic with whistle and uniform. More scenes of traffic, turning wheels of taxi cabs, pedestrians crossing the street ( not busy).
Tower bridge. Piccadilly Circus at night with bright neon flashing. Looking right into Leicester Square or Shaftesbury Avenue with more lights and billboards. A football match. Roads around St. Paul's with slow, intermittent Sunday traffic. The wife looks at the fashion page with an advert for 'Fabulous Frock Choice.' Close-up on column about Mattli's of Mayfair. Mattli, a fashion designer, himself looking thoughtful. He contemplates a fashion picture, His hands making changes to the design of the dress. Close up of hands putting needles in a pattern-marked cloths. A woman bends her neck over her sewing. Another woman sewing. Mr. Mattli reflected in a mirror looks at a model who has on one of his dresses. Close up on an article on jazz and jive dancing, by Humphrey Lyttleton. Humphrey Lyttleton with band on a stage. International news opinion page. Foreign affairs commentator Woodrow Wyatt at a desk setting out points for an editorial (Also on BBC Panorama) He is joined by another journalist with whom he works. Managing editor and Tom Driberg talk in an office, Tom sitting on the desk. He makes a call to the library. The librarian in his office picks up the phone. The librarian writes something down on his page and hands it over to a young man who goes to fetch the book. The librarian assistant runs the information up to the editor.
Winifred Munday's column. She sits at her typewriter. The typewriter types, pushing out the sheet of paper.
The photographer with sheets from Reynolds News behind him, focuses and clicks. The dark room, the developer holds up a print to the light. More technical equipment. Putting photos in the developing fluid. Sign on the side of a building 'P.A. Reuters Photos Ltd.' The art editor, presented with photos. He sorts photos at his desk. The Reuters building. A courier drives up on his motorbike dressed in his black leathers. Reynolds News building exterior. The switchboard with two male and one female operators. Close ups of fingers dialling a rotary dial telephone. Hands moving wires around on the switchboard. Teleprinter. A newspaper reporter goes into a telephone box. He picks up the telephone and talks into it, he looks very press-like, with a hat and overcoat. A transcriber, picks up the telephone, and starts typing. Sub editors all at one table covered with papers and notepads. Several shots of individual sub editors going through articles with minute care. One sub deals with copy from the teleprinters. Copy is put in a handy transporting gadget, that grabs it on a conveyor and carries it up to a compositors room. A typing pool, in the sports department, all men , with headphones on their ears. A big table of sub-editors. An arm pencils in the days football scores. Copyrighters give sheets of paper to runners to bring to other people. The sports editor looking through pictures. The automatic conveyor bringing copy up and down between writers and editors. The depositors or typesetters on linotype machines. A close up of one of their hands typing. Lines of type coming out of the machine. The depositor picks up the block of type and puts it on a table, hands come and collect it, and print out several pages for editing. Photos being processed into metal block suitable for printing. Photographed onto glass, a man takes the glass out and wipes it down. The next step in the process, checking the photo. Detail etching is done by hand. A man works on etching an advertisement. The plate given a calliper test and trimmed. Layout, setting up the corrected linotype in a stage, compared to the rough draft of the page layout. Pounding the type in with a large block and mallet. Cleaning the type, hammering it down again. A thick spongy material is placed on top of the type and is put in a press. A matrix or impression of the page is produced and sent down to the foundry. A man cuts away the edges and sends it down. In the foundry the page is handed over to have a complete cast made. The casts come out of the forge, they are half cylinders. Trimming and cleaning the plates. One workers writes directly on the plate and puts them on a conveyor. Fitting the plates on the printing press in Pioneer House. A worker throws the switches in the switch room. The paper whirring through the press machine. Finished papers coming off the press. An automatic splicing machine links up a new roll of newsprint. Shots of the wheels turning, the printing press working and the workers watching. The newspapers travelling up the straps to the despatch room. Bundling the newspapers. Conference in the general managers office. The bundles are thrown on the conveyor belt to go to various parts of the country. A man at the end of the conveyor counts the newspapers in the bundle. Different labels for different cities. Darlington, Belfast, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Nottingham. The delivery vans taking the Irish edition to the station. Moving the bundles onto trolleys, from there they are loaded onto trains. The train pulls out of the station. POV from the side of the train, lots of smoke floating back. Message from the chairman of Reynolds News. A man buys his paper from the local corner shop, looks rather like a cottage. A newspaper delivery boy delivers the newspaper.

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