Film: 5132

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Soho Strip club early 1960's

Strippers are interviewed and perform in seedy nightclub, the Gargoyle Club. Fan Dance. Nude performers but very tame !
Looking for jobs in the newspaper having just arrived in London at Kings Cross. Also girls in dressing room. Arriving at club and being interviewed by owner. Mostly interiors but some exteriors also.
Strange Swiss clock undressing act, where the guy at one side of the clock undresses the girl on the other every time the gong sounds.

The bright lights of London, largely around Piccadilly and Soho. Cinemas, floor shows, and the Gargoyle Club, with revue from 2:30 pm. Featuring cast from 'Adam had a Mate'. Close in on a photo of a girl with two large black feather fans and she starts a dance to some bolero music, using the fans to cover herself. She dances, does a back bend, you can see the backs of a couple of men's heads in front of the stage. The girl dances quite normally and then at the very end, puts both her arms up in the air to reveal herself topless with a g-string.
The girl walks down the stairs in a dressing gown, carrying the black fans. She goes into the dressing room and sits down beside another girl, Sylvia, who is preparing for her show, she offers a cigarette. They smoke, the dressing room looks sparkly and posh, and the girls have satin dressing gowns but apparently, 'its darn hard work!'
Sylvia does a dance, in a high collared cape which she opens seductively. A shot of the drummer accompanying her, she sings as well. She starts to strip starting with earrings and moving on to the cape, which she dances with, she lays everything over a stool at the back of the stage. She unzips the front of her dress. She dances around in her corset and underwear before taking off her garter and throwing it into the crowd and then unbuttoning her corset. She does a bit of a pole dance with a lamp and then a back bend to take her bra off, the music is very jazzy. She finishes by taking her knickers off.

Exterior Kings Cross station, London. Susan Randall crosses the street and opens her hand box. High heeled shoes walking on the pavement, names being crossed off the list. She enters a couple of offices. The feet stop and one foot is taken out of the shoe and wiggled around. Sylvia looks at a newspaper sitting on a park bench and sees an add for dancing and showgirls. Exterior The Prince's Theatre showing Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, The Saville theatre, exterior, foggy London, both girls go into the gargoyle club. Susan goes in and gives her name to the doorman. She takes a seat beside Sylvia. The voices of an act echo in the halls as Sylvia goes in for her interview. Three girls in feathery bikinis with a frilly bustle sing ( badly) while swinging their hips.
Susan goes downstairs, there are two men and woman sitting at the table in the empty club. She stands while one of the men asks her questions like ' have you ever done this sort of work before?' He tells her ' you will have to take all your clothes off. Are you prepared to do this? ' and she says , 'well if I can sing and dance a little'. He nods as this is of little consequence. The three girls are back with more bad singing. We don't get to see the audition, Susan and Sylvia both come out and go for some coffee.
Another act, a girl in a fluffy ball gown sings in front of a closed curtain. The curtain opens revealing a large clock with a naked girl on top, a girl in what looks like a shepherdess outfit and a man in lederhosen. When the clock rings, the girl moves forward and the man takes a piece of her clothing off, the man hands it to the naked girl who puts it behind the clock, until she gets down to only her knickers.
The two girls in their dressing room, the manager comes in to suggest a joint act. Rehearsal the next day, the manager is doing the choreography. They practice some moves.
A big floor show, with lots of people, mostly women, no clothes removed but there is one bare breast by 'accident'.
The new act with the two girls. They take their clothes off when the man gives them money in the number but 'No!' when he points to their g-strings.
Outside they look up at the Gargoyle sign and walk away contentedly under their furs from the ' the newest Soho entertainment: the Soho striptease!'.

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