Film: 5138

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A detailed record of the work of Rolls Royce industries in Britain. 1960's

Curtains part on a blue sea, a Comet 4 aeroplane drops its landing gear. In the background is a BOAC jet. Cockpit view BOAC plane coming into land at London airport. Control tower with air traffic controller giving instructions over radio microphone. BOAC plane taxis down runway. October 4th 1958. London airport building and engineer with moustache and wearing a duffle coat flags the plane into its parking bay. The de Havilland Comet 4 had just flown across the Atlantic. Statue of John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown. Covering the jet engines of the Comet 4 with orange covers.

Rolls Royce logo. World map indicating Rolls Royce branches and briefly explaining the corporate structure. Map of England marking out Derby, the Headquarters of the company and various factories, around Britain. Factory interior. Moulding molten steel. Taking melted steel from furnace. Women inspects parts in quality control department. Putting together jet flues. Finger pushes button on control panel. Propellers turn. Dart prop jet turbine engine. A Ghana Airways Vickers Viscount plane flies over wooded land. Hawker-Siddely Argosy takes off. Dutch Fokker Fairchild F27 in the air. American Drummond Gulfstream in the air. A BEA Herald. Hawker Siddely 748 takes off, it is a Skyways of London line. Japanese Namco YS11 takes off. Hawker Siddely Andover military transport on the runway. Shot of Tyne Prop Jet in the 5-7000 horsepower range. BEA Vickers Vanguard in flight. Canadair 44 sitting on the runway. BrigAir Atlantic (for NATO) taking off. Franco German Transaal C160. Shot of Avon turbo jet. Hawker Siddely Comet taking off. French Sud Aviation Caravat plane landing with the United Airlines logo. Conway by-pass turbo jet engine. BOAC Boeing 707 in flight. Trans Canada Airlines MacDonnell Douglas DC8 flying over a town. Vickers DC-10 takes off. Spey engine fan jet. Hawker Siddely Trident Airliner taking off. BAC one eleven close up of jet engine. And taking off. Model of Fokker F28. Model of Royal Navy's Phantom 2 Fighter. Hawker Siddely 52 fighter jet taxiing slowly along runway. Ground crew signals to pilot. Fighter jet flies in low past airforce base. Continental G16 474 A jet engine. Small civil planes and military planes. Montage of military planes landing, taking off and in flight including bombers, naval strike planes, supersonic fighters, air force planes flying in formation. Avon industrial engine also used as gas turbines for pumping of natural gas, electrical power generation. Workers on Trans Canada gas pipeline.

Map of England marking Shrewsbury. Shots of brightly coloured diesel engines on factory floor. Diesel engine in navy boat on Thames. Fire engine pulling out of London Fire Brigade Headquarters on Albert Embankment. Bulldozer in field moving dirt. Steam train passes in background. Fishing boat pulls out to sea. Number on side of boat is PD 359. Long shot of Orange P Form diesel engine. Cargo ships berthed at wharves. Hauling asbestos in a huge truck marked Aveling Barford in Canada. Mayvill, (Australia) Road Train Base where trucks are used for hauling cattle. Shot of stock yards. Cattle train. Road passenger coach in the U.S.A. Sentinel shunting locomotives. All have Rolls Royce diesel engines. Green railcar loads up with passengers, guard waves flag. Train pulls out of a station. Front of train marked Epping, A1. Interior of drivers cab of train. Passes signal box then goes into tunnel. Crewe marked on map where car division manufactures petrol engines.

Women in factory working on B-range motor engines. Health and Safety posters on wall. Used aerodromes in aircraft tugs, emergency tenders, aircraft ground starter units (shot of man refuelling aircraft). Tank moving down a hill shoots its gun. Point of view from tank as it drives through wooded land. Factory floor with 240 horsepower K-range engines being inspected. Abbott self propelled gun drives along a line of trees. Close up of radiator and statue of the classic Rolls Royce car. White Rolls Royce with registration PW 1961 drives towards camera. Assumption that it is the 1961 model Rolls Royce. Draughting office of Bentley, Rolls Royce. Close up of draughtsman colouring plans. Hand crafting of exterior of Rolls Royce. Factory floor production line with welders and fitters. Immersing exterior shell of car in paint. Cleaning the door. Fitting the interior of the door. Sanding wood for the interior finish. Woman polishing a dashboard. Chassis assembly sheet being marked off. Male cutting vinyl and leather for seats. Woman sewing it. Man doing fine paint work on bonnet. Polishing up of finished product in a garage full of black Rolls Royces. Final inspection and sticking Finished sticker on windscreen. Red Rolls Royce pulls out of finishing shop. Research laboratory of the Advanced Planning Group. Drafting plans marked secret. Model of engine. Drawing of new factory. Street scene outside the Aero Engine factory with workers arriving at work on bicycles. Interior of plant with personnel working on a propeller. Testing quality of propeller. Man pushes button on control panel. Hooter sounds to clear area. Switches are switched and the propeller is tested. Dials with needles moving. Shots of propeller. Primitive looking computer system using speakers, oscilloscopes, switches, dials, etc. linked up to a typewriter which automatically types out results. Rolls-Royce, Hucknall sign.

Air force plane lands. Air force planes in art. Vertical landing by an airforce Short SCI, a research aircraft. French Balzac vertical take off aeroplane. German VJ101C supersonic vertical take off aircraft. Two ground crew look up to planes in sky. RB162 is Rolls Royce's latest lift jet. Model of French Mirage 3V, German Donnier 31 and VAC 191B. Nuclear submarine emerges from sea, it is HMS Dreadnought. Exterior of Derby Rolls Royce works. Navy's nuclear Neptune project is based here. Rocket Engine Project, visitor shows pass to guard. Huge control panel. RZ2 Rocket experiments. Hawker Siddely Blue Streak, the satellite launcher. Shot of it taking off in Australia in 1964. Woman looking through telescope at path of rocket. Man looking through binoculars. Testing capability of engines in freezing conditions (-29 C). Engine starts easily. Armoured car crashes across ground. Jeep being driven through six feet of water to test performance of engine. It also works! Door with sign saying Experimental Department No Entry. Rolls Royce car body being dropped from a height, checking door, driving through water, hydraulics of power steering, driving over cobblestones, humps in road. Shot of Rolls Royce Statue. Silver Rolls Royce at L'Arc de Triomphe, Paris and driving down the Champs Elysees. Map of Rolls Royce service depots world wide. Rolls Royce engineer in outback to fix farm machinery. Great shot of observation deck at an airport. Air France plane parked at airport. Engineers checking jet engine. Classroom in Aero Engine School at Derby. Fuel flow diagram. Stickers of 110 airliners around the world who use Rolls Royce engines including NAC! (the old name for New Zealand's domestic airline). Exterior and interiors of altitude test plant. Shot of control room with panels of switches and dials and men in white coats. Close up of control panel with hand pushing switches. Shot of jet engine igniting.

BOAC aeroplane takes off. Trans Canada Air plane takes off. BEA plane takes off. Air France plane takes off. Shot of two pilots in cockpit. Close up of BEA plane flying. bulldozer bulldozing dirt. Submarine at sea. Navy launch. Army armoured vehicle. Silver Cloud Rolls Royce in street. Rolls Royce car on test track. BEA plane flying. Close up of Rolls Royce logo. BEA jet banking.

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