Film: 5140

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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1921 England to Australia. Lindberg. DO-X. Airships (Graf Zeppelin & Hindenberg). Various shots of flying boats, clippers, a Martin 130 another that looks like a version of the Boeing 314 but with floats at the ends of the wings. Good shots exterior and interior, cock pit and controls. Southampton. Singapore. Calcutta. Conopus. Short Empire 'C' Class. Autogyro. RAF 1935 show. Fleet Airodrome. Hendon Air Show. Virginia. Heyfords. Gladiators. Hitler. Junkers 52 (1938 Air Raid panic). Schneider 1931. Prototype Spitfire. WW2. Sunderland. Frank Whittle in his workshop. Whittle jet. E28 (1941) tests at aerodrome, taxiing and fly pasts. Post war aviation. Heathrow.

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