Film: 5142

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Film that challenges the death penalty in the 1960's.

Albert Pierrepoint (the official hangman). How it is done. Public hangings. Analysis of those hanged. Those reprieved. Catholic Church says death penalty is right. Police are also in favour. Conservative Party in favour too. Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, fishing, watching the cricket, football match, crowds, Punch and Judy, newspaper stand, Albert Pierrepoint, details of weight, height of prisoner and procedure, engravings of public hangings, exterior shot of London School of Economics, statistics of murders and other crimes. Examples of people hanged and reprieved. Public Opinion, old lady speaks about her husband who was shot and the effect. Archbishop says church has no particular opinion as people at variance. Godfrey, a catholic, questions whether the state has the right to kill? Psychologist, talks about issues, reflects aggression in ourselves. Protestors on the Marwood execution. Society for abolition of capital punishment in their offices. Gerald Gardiner says it is against Christianity and that everyone can be reformed. It lowers public awareness of sanctity of life etc. Thomas More, M.P. defends capital punishment. Mr Doy, police representative.

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