Film: 5143

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Keren Hayesod United Israel Appeal. The Yom Kippur War as told from a very Israeli bias. 1970's

Jerusalem empty. At 2pm Egypt and Syria invade Israel. People running about, History of the Golan Heights. Sinai Desert, Suez Council. Tank manoeuvres in 1956. President Nassar anti-Zionist. General Herzoq repeats often asserted view that Egypt was supported and armed by the Russians. Tank warfare. Golda Meir speaks. Children fill sand-bags, head-lights painted blue. Ammunitions factory, aircraft, trucks, loading bombs, the battle at sea, the wounded at a concert, Isaac Stern plays violin and talks to wounded. David Elazor talks about war progress. Counter-attack. Prisoners of War are returned. Peace talks. Moshe Dayan.

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