Film: 5145

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary on Nazi germany, focussing on the Russian Campaign ( June 1941) and the beginning of the German defeat.

A view of the countryside with the sun rising up. The field is wrapped in mist. View of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, in June 1941. A close up of the Kremlin's top. A close up of two Nazi German flags.
Hitler in a train carriage, returning from France to Germany in July 1940, greeted by a huge crowd gathered along the rail track. People raise their arms, in German salute, from the window of another train.
A farmer in a field on a plough raises his arm as the train passes by. A German village as seen from the train. The train arrives in a big station, crowded with cheering people, German soldiers and officers. Hitler marches out of the station, being greeted by a huge crowd. Hitler gets into a car. German soldiers parading. Hitler greets the huge crowd. An aerial view of Hitler's car proceeding and the massive crowd align along the road. People cheering and waving small Nazi flags. Hitler appears on balcony and greets the crowd. Goering is at his side.
An interview of General Warlimont, German High Command. Interview of Albert Speer. A tank. A soldier lying on the ground looking through binoculars. Soldiers running in a field. Soldiers crawling on the ground and throwing Molotov cocktails. A soldier with a machine gun running in a field. Other soldiers in the field pulling a little cannon. A soldier firing a machine gun. An interview of Grigori Tokaty, a Russian officer. Soldiers running and shooting in a field. Officers talking among themselves. A tank. An explosion on the battlefield. A Russian officer addressing his troops. A geographical map showing the German empire and the territories of the Soviet Union. The map changes as the three Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are annexed by the Soviet Union. A close up on the same map of Rumania showing in particular Bessarabia and North Bucovina being annexed by the Soviet Union. A close up on the map of Ploesti, Rumanian oil field. An aerial view of the Ploesti oilfield. An aerial view of the important oil wells and refineries. King Boris of Bulgaria arrives by car at Berchtesgarden. King Boris and Hitler. The young King Michael of Rumania. A close up of the Rumanian prime Minister, Antonescu. Some newspaper front pages with the alarming news of the Alliance between Nazi Germany and the Balkan States. Hitler at the ceremony of the new alliance (the three - parties pact ) with Italy and Japan. Hitler shaking hands with Ciano, the Italian representative and with the Japanese representative. Von Ribbentrop signs the pact. Molotov arrives in Berlin by train in November 1940. Molotov leaves the station, German soldiers are aligned to pay homage. A military band is performing. A photograph of Molotov and Hitler. An interview of Paul Schmidt (Hitler's Interpreter). Another photograph of Molotov and Hitler. A close up of Molotov's face. Hitler meeting his High Military command. Several shots of Hitler talking with his generals. German soldiers marching in a street. A huge crowd cheering and throwing bunches of flowers. A woman stepping out of the crowd kisses a German soldier. The crowd cheering. An aerial view of the soldiers marching through a wood and of the huge crowd that stands on both sides of the road. A wheat field in Russia. A panoramic view of this field. Russian tanks parading in a field. The Russian Military eviction. Russian parachutists. The Red Army on parade. A close up of Stalin and Molotov. Stalin walking in a street with other people. A geographical map showing Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The map changes as Germany annexes Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria. A close up of the map showing Belgrade in Yugoslavia. German aircraft (Stukas) bombing Yugoslavia. View of the damage on the ground. A Yugoslavian soldier surrenders to a German soldier who gets hold of his rifle and smashes it on the ground. A Yugoslavian civilian being arrested by German soldiers at gunpoint. Yugoslavian prisoners marching under the watchful eyes of German solders. A German tank. An aerial view of building destroyed by bombs. German planes flying over the Acropolis, in Greece. German armour moves through the narrow streets of a Greek village. Some photographs of Stalin. An interview with Averell Harriman, Roosevelt's special representative in Britain. Interview of Tokaty, as already seen. Stalin. The Red Army parading in Moscow. A Russian tank speeding down a road. Russian military trucks, parading under the watchful eyes of Russian officers. An aerial view of Red Square where the parade is performed. A Russian official (Zukov ??) shaking hands with the German attaché in Moscow. A band playing. People listening to the radio. A female singer performing on stage. Close up of some people in the audience. A close up of the front page of some German newspapers. German women marching, going to work. German women working in a factory. German officers singing. Young boys at work. Workers in a mine. The singers singing on stage. German soldiers firing anti-aircraft artilleries. People walking down a stair into a shelter. Buildings on fire. Building destroyed by bombs. Smoke rising up from burned-down buildings. Soldiers working among the ruins and debris. A body on a stretcher is carried away. A dead woman is extracted from the debris and placed on a stretcher. Coffins are loaded on a truck. People trying to clean up a roof which is covered with debris. People putting on display some Nazi German flags. German flags and banners among the ruins of the bombed building in Berlin. An aged man buying a newspaper at a news-stand which displays a little German flag. A couple reading a newspaper. A photograph of Hitler, who is wearing glasses, sitting down at a table, looking at a geographical map. A close up of Hitler's face. The full photograph, showing Hitler sitting at a table and around him, standing up some German officers. An interview with a woman. Hitler playing with a dog. He throws a stick over the fence and the dog jumps it to fetch the stick back to Hitler. Interview with another woman. Goebbels among German officers. People and wounded soldiers listening to the performance of an orchestra. People visiting an art gallery. A man looking closely at one of the paintings with a magnifying glass. A painting showing two German soldiers carrying on their shoulders a wounded soldier. The statue of a wounded soldier. A close up of his face. Himmler parading German troops. German SS exercising. The military mess. SS Soldiers exercising. Studying. Interview with Richard Schulze-Kossens Commander SS Academy. A photograph showing two Jewish women with the Star of David sewn on their dresses. Photographs of Jewish people being deported. Albert Speer (?) talking. Interview with Hertha Beese, a Berlin housewife. Another woman talking. A photograph of a house. A photograph of one of the men who took part in the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler. The same woman talking. A photograph of the woman which shows her quite young with her three children. The woman talking. A close up of the woman's hands which she is twisting nervously. Albert Speer(?) talking. An interview with Emmi Bonhoeffer, a Berlin housewife. Hitler among German generals. A photograph of two young students. A photograph of a crowd. A photograph showing some of the people who took part in an attempt to kill Hitler. A photograph of Graf Von Stauffenberg. An interview with Dr Otto John, a member of the German resistance. A photograph of Stauffenberg standing near Hitler. A close up of Hitler's face. An explosion. The interior of a room wrecked by an explosion. An interview with a German woman, already seen, who was in Hitler's entourage. A photograph of Hitler. A photograph of the German War Ministry building in Berlin. Dr Otto John talking. A German officer, Major Otto Rehiner, passing his troops in review. A close up of his face. An interview with Otto Rehiner himself, now an elderly man. German soldiers marching in perfect order. Images from the trial which followed the attempt at assassinating Hitler. The people involved stand up in court to answer questions. The testimony of one of them is translated. A bare room where the prisoners were hanged on meat hooks. Hitler among his generals. A photograph of Hitler. Interview with the woman seen twice before. Albert Speer talking. War cripples at work. A doctor teaches a brain-damaged soldier to talk again with the aid of some drawings and a book.
The Home Guard parading. A German officer addressing the Home Guard from a balcony. The Berlin Home Guard takes an oath. A close up of the people swearing loyalty to the Fuhrer, all in civilian dress, some of them carrying guns. People of the Home Guard in uniform. The Home Guard march through the Brandenburg Gate.

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