Film: 5149

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Aluminium processing and aluminium products 1970's
A boy walks through a wood and into the open where a low flying glider plane flies overhead. The boy runs. Views of glider in flight including view from above it.
Beautiful aerial view of mountains in Monument Valley, USA swooping low over the peaks and snow covered mountains.
Weipa in Australia where aluminium ore is mined - Bauxite. Industry, trucks and workers. Workers having a beer and at work lined up in their hard hats.
Jamaica refinery where the Bauxite goes through a process (metal jungle) to become alumina.
African dancing in Ghana. An aluminium reduction plant using electricity to reduce it of oxygen under 1000 degree temperature. Control room which oversees process.
A groovy all metal dress on the cat walk, aircraft, metal industries in Africa

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