Film: 5151

Railways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman in the USA and being shipped back to Britain. On the Torbay railway 1970's.

The story of LNER 'A1' 4-6-2 No 4472 Flying Scotsman in the United States of America: the near-loss to New York bankers when the tour ran into financial problems; its rescue and journey back to this country via San Francisco and the Panama Canal and Liverpool; an outing on the Torbay railway in Devon.

Footage of the Flying Scotsman on tour in the USA. Crowds of onlookers visit the train on one of its stops in city. Excellent footage of the train as it speeds across the interior of the U.S.A.
The Flying Scotsman at Sacramento? Workers are cleaning, carrying out maintenanc and preparing the train for shipping back to Britain. The locomotive is craned onto a barge, where is it secured for transport. The barge leaves the dock and rendezvoused with a ship, the California Star. Good dusk and silhouette shots of the docks at sunset and the loco being winched aboard the ship. The ship under sail. Officers check the secure attachments of the loco which sits on the deck. The ship crashes through large waves at sea. Captain plots course on ship's map. US Navy ship bids farewell to the Flying Scotsman.
A sea in calm weather. The Miraflores Lock on the Panama Canal. The California Star traverses the lock with the loco on deck. It continues its journey along the Panama Canal.
The Liverpool Pilot boat meets the California Star as it approaches Liverpool port. The ship docks at Liverpool. It is cold and snowing. Workers ready the loco for moving and the Flying Scotsman is craned from the deck and onto dockside rail tracks. Sign saying Hope for Castleton and Bradwell. The Flying Scotsman travels under its own steam to Derby. Aerial views of the engine on its journey.
The engine receives a grand send off after restoration works at Derby. Richard Marsh, Chairman of British Rail, smashes a champagne bottle against the engine.

The Flying Scotsman at Paignton Devon. The train goes on a trip from Paignton station on the Dart Valley Railway. Train crossing Paignton Viaduct. Flying Scotsman at Churston Station. Families on board the train, with views out the window and trackside views. View through a tunnel. Level crossing opened manually. View out the window of the coast and harbour.

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