Film: 5157

Science | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Atomic bomb and nuclear war 1960's

Night shots, World War Two, big guns firing at sky. V1's, fear that they were loaded with atomic bombs. D-Day, U.S.A. troops unloading from landing craft. Stills of U.S.A. troops looking for rocket information. Close up interviews with people reminiscing about hunt for rocket scientists and fear of A-Bomb. Leo Villard. Streets of Germany, April 1945, rubble, smashed houses. Tank in streets. Soldier mimics Hitler, gesticulates, funny. American (East European) nuclear scientist talks about need to make bomb. Truman succeeded Roosevelt. Gets out of car. Henry Stimson, Minister for War Cabinet. Japanese tank and troops. Soldier fixes bayonet. Heavy machine gun. Enrico Fermi, Italian Nobel prize winner. Ernest Lawrence, U.S.A. Nobel prize winner. Arthur Compton, U.S.A. Nobel prize winner. Oppenheimer, these men formed committee to advise Truman. Still of Frank. Aerial shots of Chicago. Interview with Groves. (Oppenheimer, head of Los Alamos). Scientists gingerly move radioactive isotopes around in test tubes on long poles. Hungarian scientist Edward Teller. Truman signs paper, committee members walk in and out of building. July 7th 1945, Truman on "Augusta" bound for Potsdam conference, (overexposed) meetings. Airplanes, Japanese troops with mules in jungle. Parachutists, allied. Japanese troops charge right to left led by officer carrying a big sword. U.S.A. transporter. U.S.A. troop and bazooka. American machine gunner. U.S.A. troops overrun Japanese village, buildings on fire. Dead Japanese. Vultures on tree. Project site at Los Alamos. Happy workforce leave factory gates, large number of people flooding out gates. July 16th 1945, test of first bomb. May 7th 100 tons of high explosive detonated as rehearsal, see loading high explosives. Nuclear explosion preparation, bunkers six miles away. "Jumbo" 214 ton steel tank for preservation of plutonium if bomb failed, pulled by caterpillar-tracked vehicle. Jeeps. Tower 100 feet high. Still of bomb being carried, no bigger than car battery. Stills of setting up. Explosion, mushroom cloud, different shots of clouds. One day before Potsdam conference. Truman and Churchill shake hands at Potsdam. Attlee present. Stalin seated. Army cameramen. Truman and Stalin walk down steps. British General Election. Churchill at hustings. Churchill V-sign. Attlee wins. Close up of Attlee. Conventional bombing of Japan. Aircraft cameras film guns firing at ground targets. Kamikaze planes. Planes crash in sea, large American transporter. Transporter plane landing, bounces and undercarriage collapses at base of Tinian in Marianas in Pacific, fire crews help extinguish flames on plane. August 6th 1945. B29 planes, Enola Gay, Paul Tibbetts the pilot. Close ups of six crew members and shots of all of crew. Take-off of two planes, bomber and observer planes. Camera work in sky. Cameraman Harold Agnew, scientist from Los Alamos. Bomb "Little Boy". Scientist working at figures in plane. Bomb going off. Tall mushroom cloud. Interview with crew member. Pan across Hiroshima destruction. Injured woman having lint or gauze laid on her arm. Child with bandaged eye. Peeling bandages off people's faces. Scarred legs and faces. Japanese nurses and doctors. Showing injuries to camera. Bad burns. Child with fingers missing. Destruction. Interviews with atomic scientists. Some say "right", some say "wrong", morally wrong, practically wrong. Interviewees: Harold Agnew, Otto R. Frisch, Sam Goudsmit, Leslie R. Groves, Werner Von Heisenberg, Fritz Houtermans, Robert Oppenheimer, Joseph Rotblat, Emilio Segre, Edward Teller, James Tuck, Carl Von Weizsacker.

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