Film: 5160

Road Transport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Trolleybuses 1940's

A film showing the Bus drives along suburban road and pulls in at bus stop, the bus is number 581, Passengers are waiting at the bus stop and they board the bus when it comes to a halt. Edwardian footage of very busy street full of horse drawn carriages and pedestrians all crossing the street, there is one vehicle in the foreground that is open top, there are some men on the top deck with straw boater hats on. There is a carriage stationary, with two horses in front and passengers and driver on board the carriage, the horses then move and the carriage drives out of shot to the right of the camera. 1'05 There is a still picture of an omnibus with passengers inside and drawn by horses. Reconstruction of carriage and woman being helped out dressed in Victorian clothes. Still of a steam omnibus There is another still of an electric tram with the word 'Enterprise' on the side. A man walks from right to left of the screen waving a flag. Reconstruction of first passenger railway service. A train of carriages mounted on a railway line slowly begins to move from right to left of the screen, the carriages are very crowded with people, some of the people wave toward the camera. There is a picture of a stationary omnibus with a driver and horse in front, another man stands by the side of the bus.In Brooklyn, New York A very similar bus drawn by a white horse moves toward the camera and then turns to the left of the camera. There is a shot from the point of view of the driver of the bus, with two men in front on either side of the camera. Shot of one of the two men taking the reigns of the horse, shot is from the front. One of the men is Henry Ford.
Shot of an archway in a built up urban area, possibly London. 2'01"There is a woman in Victorian style long dress and bonnet trying to get through the door of one of the buses, she cannot as her dress is too big, a man in a bowler hat pushes the woman from behind so that she is able to enter the bus. There is a still of an omnibus, with an advertisement for Nestle food on the side of the bus. A still of a trolley bus is shown. This is followed by a still of an electric bus. There is a still of an internal combustion bus. This is then followed by a contemporary trolley bus.
There is a shot of an engine from one of the modern buses. This is then followed by a shot of one of the modern buses driving along a suburban road, from left to right. A shot of a wheel spinning around in a factory. There is then a shot of the inside of one of the factories where the buses are constructed and put together. There is then a series of shots of factory workers performing the various duties involved in the construction of the bus.

There is a shot of female factory workers in overalls in a line working on various parts of the bus. Also male factory workers doing similar tasks. A line of female factory workers are sitting at a bench fitting different parts together. A man in overalls checks some of the machinery and his work is inspected by another man in a suit and carrying a clipboard.

1'49" Looks like North London, trolleybus has ad for Hackney Wick on its side
Trolleybus turns a corner and goes from right to left of the camera. Trolleybus 4b, connected to electric overhead wires, pulls in to a stop on urban street to let passengers on, a black car drives past as it does so, there is a church on the left in the background. Trolleybus then drives under a bridge from right to left of camera. Smoke or smog seems to be swirling about. Then up a hill, in a suburban area with houses either side of road. Trolleybus drives toward camera and then goes past to left of camera. There is a still of a diagram explaining the acceleration of the trolleybus. The tram drives from right to left of the camera along a suburban street with 30's houses, a van passes it going the other way. There are some shots of a foot pushing down on the accelerator, then trolleybus finally coming to a stop. There follows a still of a diagram explaining the 'shunt field'. 13'46" We are then on the top floor inside trolleybus, with passengers coming upstairs and taking a seat. Again we see an outside shot of trolleybus with advertisement for 'Whitbread's Ale and Stout' on the outside of the bus Driver presses lever and door closes The film ends with an electric train pulling up to camera.

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