Film: 5160

Road Transport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Trolleybuses 1940's. Technical film explaining the manufacture of electric traction engines for trolleybuses, with factory footage and on the road views of the buses.

A film showing a Bus 581 drives along suburban road and pulls in at bus stop. Passengers are waiting at the bus stop and they start to walk to the rear of the bus as it slows to a halt.
Edwardian footage of very busy street full of horse drawn carriages and pedestrians all crossing the street, there is one vehicle in the foreground that is open top, there are some men on the top deck with straw boater hats on. There is a carriage stationary, with two horses in front and passengers and driver on board the carriage, the horses move and the carriage drives out of shot to the right of the camera.
A man walks from right to left of the screen waving a flag. Reconstruction of first passenger railway service. A train of carriages mounted on a railway line slowly begins to move from right to left of the screen, the carriages are very crowded with people, some of the people wave toward the camera.
In Brooklyn, New York, a horse drawn tram is pulled by a white horse toward the camera and then turns to the left of the camera. There is a shot from the point of view of the driver of the bus, with two men in front on either side of the camera. Shot of one of the two men taking the reins of the horse, shot is from the front. One of the men is Henry Ford.
Hyde Park Corner, with arched entrance to the park in the background. A horse drawn bus with sign Victoria – Kings Cross on it.
Sheffield factory building traction engines for buses 1940s. Long view down the length of the factory. Close up views of male white workers building the motors, at their various machines and stages. A group of women on the production line are insulating conductors. Engine coils being held in place by wire bands being applied on a turning machine. Solder bath. Commutator bar is milled and trimmed. Women polishing and cleaning the fine segments of the commutator. Fully assembled armature goes through electrical seasoning tests. The armature is balanced. Motor yolk is being manufactured. The engine housing is machined. A radial drill bores holes in the housing. View of the completed yolk. Bearing housings are manufactured. Female factory workers bind asbestos insulation around coil. Final assembly of the driving motor. The inspection department subject engines to the Hopkinson test as part of their quality control.
A dust proof cabinet is opened by a man. Under the cover is many switches and controls in relation to the operation of a trolleybus. Overload relay, which ultimately is fitted in the driver’s cab. A hand holding a pointer, points to various pieces of equipment that make up the bus controls.
Trolleybus 617 turns right on a London street. Ad for Hackney Wick on its side. Trolleybus 4b, connected to electric overhead wires, pulls in to a stop on urban street to let passengers on. Trolleybus then drives under a bridge from right to left of camera. Smoke or smog seems to be swirling about. Then up a hill, in a suburban area with houses either side of road. Trolleybus 615 to Moorgate drives toward camera. There is a still of a graph diagram explaining the acceleration of the trolleybus.
A trolleybus drives from right to left of the camera along a suburban street with 30's houses, a van passes it going the other way. There are some close up shots of the driver’s foot pushing down on the brake pedal, then trolleybus 609 comes to a stop. There follows a still of a diagram explaining the 'shunt field'.
Passengers boarding a trolleybus 1940s. The male passengers coming upstairs and taking a seat. Outside shot of trolleybus with advertisement for 'Whitbread's Ale and Stout' on the side. Passengers queue to get on. The bus Driver presses lever and door closes
A few repeated shots of trolleybuses on their routes. Final scenes are stills of railways

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