Film: 5168

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Promotional film made for Torbay Borough Council. Begins with absurd opening montage showing airplanes, trains, ferries and automobiles speeding there, following signs written in different languages (to show that "it is truly an international resort"). 1970's

Shots of beach and waves, gulls sitting on concrete platform in sea. Boats in harbour, cut to colonnade on beach front with sound of radio and voice presenting weather forecast which will be sunny and warm. Shots of empty deck chairs and cut to sea gull on top of a fountain.
At 0'55" shot of man alone walking on beach and sea (music over which can't be used) Panning shot around.
Coach on road towards camera goes past road sign which welcomes you to Torbay.
Various shots of open top Morgan sports car and young couple in it on road to Torquay. Then cut to Torquay railway station and shots of arrivals board at an airport with brief shot of stewardess at top of the stairs of a plane. Cut back to sports car and then small plane taking off and then cut to ferry at Plymouth - sign says Plymouth Ferry port.
Foot passengers disembark. Also cars including a Citroen 2cv. Panning shot of a harbour with old houses. Then couple of speedboats seen and cut back to couple in sports car turning off main road, shot from behind them on top of the car by the look of it. Pull into a hotel on beachfront with a swimming pool. Waiter seen walking into view with tray of drinks. Porter seen taking baggage from back of car and couple get out both with long hair and jeans on. Girl in bikini walks next to man in shirt and trousers towards the pool, 2 women seen chatting in the pool. Voice over with aerial shot of Torquay Paignton and Brixham which makes up Torbay. Shots of cliffs and then shots of Torquay with some tall buildings from the sea with harbour in foreground and sailing boats. Trying to make out that it's very international might almost be in the South of France.Pleeease…..
Shots of fishing boats in the harbour, young people walk along with shots of people who make a living there, including an old bloke wearing a beret and painting. He playfully dabs some paint on young boy who's watching him. Some more shots of the harbour.
6'07" Sign for Torbay Aircraft Museum. Shots of some of aircraft on display and young kids looking at the plane with v/o talking about them being too young to remember 1940. Ext shot of Zoo and Paignton Botanical Gardens, young boy looks at giraffes and kangaroos. Train goes through woodland and then cut to more shots of families looking at the poor animals in cages.
Shots of families on beaches in Torbay and in the sea. Tightly edited sequence of people playing at edge of sea.
Granny takes a picture of her family on the beach, children building sandcastles.
2 girls on double bike along sea front. Various shots of different people sunbathing especially young women in bikinis. Cut to rollercoaster and then more shots of youngsters on beach including young couple kissing.

8'54" People shopping in town centre with shots of a variety of boutiques. Cut to close shot of youngsters ready to drive off in go-karts, shots of them racing including point of view shots.

10'20" Yacht cuts through the sea, putting the sails up. Various shots of the boat at sea including from top of the mast. Other smaller dinghies out in the sea.
At 12'34 couple in boat cut to man fishing off side of less glamorous boat. Another man in full diving gear throws himself over into the water with underwater shots of him swimming through plants etc and fish including a turtle! And crabs.
13'35 small speedboat on water, diver looks around 2 boats driven by young girls - diver goes back under.
13'47" aerial shot and then ms of water skiers in bay. Various shots of them showing off as they're towed.
Ls of tourist cruiser as it moves along River Dart. The harbour at Dartmouth with sign for Dartmouth Yacht Club. More shots of boats on the Dart.
Tourists walking along by the harbour. Tourists in small boat waving to the camera.
16'05 Garden of Friends in Torbay with rare species. Shots of Roses and garden with young couple sitting on bench. Cs butterfly and bee in the flowers. More shots of the gardens with palm trees.
Large country house with couple lying on grass in front. Close up of clock tower on castellated house and then zoom out

17'09" swan on river and pull out. Long Shot of Oldway Mansion. Ms of ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle. Aerial and ms of Powderham. Shot of young boy in grounds who is practising falconry. Shot of falcon? Flying around and landing on another keeper's arm. Watched by families. Exterior of castle door.
18'33 shots of village of Cockington with ponies being led and tourists in pretty village with thatched roofs. Shot of village blacksmith at the forge shoeing a horse and then shots of pony and traps along country lane.
19'05" interior of pub 2 blokes at the bar with publican. One man drinking a pint. Group squeezed round a table with lit candle.
Interior of cave called Kent's Tavern with close shots of stalagmites and stalactites.
19'40 Girls on a pony trek Shot of a pony drinking from river and cut to ponies running wild on moor with sun setting in background (and really funky music),
evening shot of boats in the harbour, then shots of night illuminations and exterior of theatre.
21'11" couple in a bar and cut to dancing with others at a disco to Stones singing Brown Sugar. Shots of several dancers strutting their stuff, with shot of DJ singing along - all shot at the Stax Nightclub - (good shots of seventies dancing but music would have to be cleared separately) Shot of neon sign Stax Nightclub and other clubs. Music carries on playing with more night shots of buildings in Torquay illuminated.
Ends with cheesy shot of couple kissing by fountain.

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