Film: 5179

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Journey in Africa by English ex-military types - semi amateur film with homemade commentary (complete with occasional coughs) 1950's

Arrival at Livingstone. Swaziland. References to journey 20 years before which this must be a recreation of. Rhodesia. Aerial views of countryside. Market in capital of Swaziland. Pineapple farm run by colonial white man who fires a handgun. Brief shot of local children referred to by commentary as 'piccaninnies'. Visit in light aircraft to an island off the coast of Africa. Hotel in a shack. Kenya. Women with cans of water on their heads. Native ceremony or dance. Aerial views of Mombassa. Uganda. Some wildlife including tame ostrich. Hippos and crocodiles filmed from a boat. Nice shots of crocodiles slipping into o a river from the bank. Elephants.

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