Film: 5189

Politics | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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The rise of Nazi Germany and its rallies 'A Document of the 1934 Party Rally'.

'On September 5th 1934, 20 years after the attack of the World War, 16 years after Germany's crucifixion, 19 months after the beginning of the German Renaissance, Adolf Hitler flew again to Nuremberg to review the columns of his faithful followers.'
Views of swirling clouds out of the cockpit of a plane. The picture is at times very dark, the sound quality poor. Aerial views of Nuremberg. The plane then comes into view and we see more aerial views of the city, this time with the shadow of the plane on the ground. The camera and the shadow of the plane pan along a long street and then we see the plane flying above the city. Columns of marching figures (in aerial perspective). More such views of the plane, the city and the marching men. Cut to a view of civilians waving and also uniformed brown shirts standing guard. The plane lands and a close-up of the smiling and waving crowd follows. Then more scenes of the plane landing; crowds cheering; men, women and children giving Nazi salutes. The door of an aeroplane is opened by a man outside, close-up of the crowd saluting and shouting 'Heil' as a figure who is clearly Hitler emerges from the plane and gives a salute. He is followed by Goebbles and then a close-up of an ecstatic crowd (mostly women). Then follows a close-up of a smiling Adolf Hitler. More views of the same women.
scene of Hitler standing upright in a car, being driven past cheering and saluting crowds who line the pavements. He smiles and acknowledges them. Then a back view of the Fuehrer's driver. The camera then pans over the top of the bonnet of the car (a Mercedes), then the back of Hitlers's head and the car passes under a bridge which is festooned with flags. There is a dramatic scene of Hitler emerging from under the bridge: First he is seen in back profile, then the looming arch of the bridge which is silhouetted appear and then he re-emerges. More scenes of the triumphant procession follows. Cut to a scene of a fountain: A man holding two ducks. The camera revolves around the fountain which is endorsed in railings. A very dramatic scene of Hitler accepting some flowers from a woman holding a small child. This is followed by a sequence of shots of smiling children in the crowd. More close-ups of the crowd follow. The convoy of cars with Hitler at its head approaches a bend in the road. As the Fuehrer's car nears the camera the film cuts to a close-up of a large building from which is draped a long Swastika flag. People wave from the windows. More view of the crowds and even a view of a cat looking down from a window, together with a Nazi flag. Scene of a family saluting from their upper windows, their house is decorated with Swastika flags. Then there are views of the top stories of buildings, architecture and statues. This culminates in a view of the top half of a building which is draped with banners. Cut to a close-up of Hitler's side profile. More dramatic scenes of the parade follow with uniformed guards, more evident as it reaches its climax. The cars pull in at the side of the road. Close-ups of Hitler's head and the crowds. Then a close-up of the hand of a Nazi storm-trooper. Followed by close-ups of the belt buckles of the storm-troopers. The action cuts to a scene of Hitler entering the 'Deutsche Hof Hotel'. A scene of ranked storm-troopers follows. Crowds salute and shout as an upstairs window of the hotel opens, Hitler emerges, crowds cheer and salute. The picture then fades.
Now we see a picture of a stone eagle which is first of all seen in silhouette and the as the camera draws back, in greater clarity. The camera is lowered and we see that it is standing upon a Swastika. The picture then fades and we emerge in what appears to be a stadium.

We see an aerial view of ranks of figures stretched out I front of us. Three tiny figures walk down a path in centre of the screen. Then a picture from the other end of the stadium. The camera pans across the view from behind what appear to be pillars. The three figures, Hitler in the centre, approach the camera. They climb some steps and stand before a huge wreath is on the ground. The film then cuts to some stone pillars whit flaming torches at the top. There is then a picture of the three figures saluting and then an image of a huge concrete or stone Swastika. Then the figures walk away, the massed ranks of men before them. Some of these men hold Roman legion style standards. In the distance are three huge Swastika banners. Cut to a close-up of buglers scenes of massed ranks of uniformed men turning and standing to attention. Next we see Hitler standing on a podium, a band playing as the storm-troopers march towards him, their standards in front. They then file up steps either side of the podium. Close-up of Hitler. The action proceeds much as before. Then the action focuses upon many men carrying Swastika flags. The flags eventually seem to merge into one. More choreographed marching follows as Hitler looks on. Eventually the troops halt and we see Himmler at the front. Close-up of Himmler, an aerial view of the three Swastika flags and many images of Nazi eagles. Close aerial shot of the three figures marching away from the camera. They are followed by an entourage. We now appear to be in a different location ( a hall). The Fuehrer mounts the stage along with the men that accompanied him. The crowd shouts 'Heil' and salutes him. After a while the crowd is silent and uniformed brown shirts enter, carrying many Swastika standards. The action continues along the same lines with many shots of the Swastikas. Goering mounts the podium and announces that 'The Fuehrer will speak!' Hitler mounts the platform and after a pause speaks. As he speaks we see close-ups of leading Nazi figures and cheering crowds. His speech ends and Goering leads the cheers of 'Heil Hitler!' The crowds sing the national anthem and the action closes with a close-up of a large Swastika and a scene of marching storm-troopers, superimposed upon a scene of crowds.

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