Film: 5191

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Life aboard the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Victorious during a Mediterranean cruise. 1960's

Flag rises amongst antenae and steel masts. Aircraft carrier at sea. The bridge. Carrier face on. Jet aircraft approaches low overhead. Several shots of planes landing on deck. View of carrier from above and behind. Deck crowded with parked aircraft. A plane rises from the hanger on large lift, nose cone and wings folded back. Folded plane towed into position. Another plane being towed. Carrier from the air, side on. Officers on the bridge. Officer working on a chart. Speed control dials. Engineer descends ladder into engine control room. Back steering wheels. Using a tannoy microphone. Engine control panels with men working. Main power control panel. Damage control centre. Man sits at control desk in engine room. Engineer turns valves. Man at control desk. Instruction guage. Empty catpault fired on deck leaves line of steam. Same thing from its sea end at deck level. Carrier from air, bow on.
Gibralter from the air. Carrier enters harbour. Seen behind a sea wall as it docks. Planes on deck, land behind. Two officers in Whites descend gangway. They walk away up quay. View of town from a hill top. Street in town with sailors. Sailor buys flowers. Seamen bargain for a carpet. Apes look down on the carrier in harbour below. Several shots of seamen feeding peanuts to apes. Sailors sit in town and watch a girl.
Sea seen from rear of the ship. Carrier side on from the air. Captains Office. Squadron Office. Electrical Office. Gunnery Office. Catering Office. Long corridor with many open water tight doors. Officer claims stairs. Signs & wiring. Notices. Wiring. Sailor climbs stairs. Walks along corridor at top of the stairs. Sign saying "Officer quarters". Sign to various offices. Officer walks through watertight door. Sailor walks around corner and crosses with another seaman. Various shots of signs. Man appears at top of stairs as another crosses shot.
Aerial view of carrier being refueled by supply ship. Pipes between vessels sign from deck level. Sailors line the carriers side. View along length of the supply vessel. Rating holds a rope. Network of pipes and cables between ships. Similar view. Helicopter lifting a bag to the carrier. The supply ship leaves.
Kitchen. Dough being mechanically kneaded. Dough being cut. Bread tins filled. Tins put in ovens. Rows of loaves in store room. Table of pies and rolls. Sailors line up to get a meal. Men sitting at a table eating. Whole dining room at meal time. Tannoy speaker. Officers hanging up hats. Officers mess at meal time. Officers eating.
Land seen from a distance by side of ship. Docter listens to man breathing. Sickbay. Nurse looks through microscope. Men in mini-hospital beds. Dentist at work.
Destroyer in distance. Destroyer breaks through waves. Carrier from the side. Going down in an aircraft lift. Men working on the electrics of a plane. Men close the cockpit. Work on a plane. Aircraft being cleaned. Line of folded up helicopters. Repair 'shop'. Soldering electrical connections. Delicate repair work on tiny instrument. Testing machinery. Metal workshop. Sailors buy personal supplies in canteen. View of carrier from behind. Mast wirh radar scanner revolving. Communications room with man typing. Morse code being sent. Incoming signal appearing on printer. Man making notes of msg. Notes put in a tube for internal despatch. Communications room. Revolving aeiral. Tracking room.
Close up of bow breaking through water. Carrier arriving in Malta with aircraft and crew lined up on deck. Captain on bridge with binoculars. With telescope. Entering harbour, crew assembled. Bow and anchor breaking through water. Passing the end of the mole. Valetta town from the ship. A line of Officers in Whites on deck. View of bow with men and planes. Aircraft lined up. Chain runs out. Trumpets played. Marines lined up. Men lined up as sun sets. Union Jack flutters against a blue sky. Aerial view of carrier in Valetta habour. Cash being counted and put in envelopes. Cash Office. Money put in envelopes. Barber cuts sailors hair. Men have shower. Daily rum ration prepared. Water & rum mixed. Officer watches mixing. Men lined up to get grog. 4 sailors drink grog down in one. Local row boats wait to take sailors ashore. Two sailors climb into one. Motor launch crosses harbour towards carrier, pan across view of whole harbour and town. Seamen arrive at quay and get out of row boat. Ships library full of sailors. Ships 'radio' station. Record played. Men sit listening. Men reading & writing, relaxing. Playing cards. Man wiriting a letter. Sailors get out of launch, most just in shorts, one in a diving suit, heavy boots dropped down. Suiting up completed with helmet. Men turn the wheels of air pump. Officer talks into radio telephone link. Diver climbs down ladder at side of boat into the water. Air bubbles to surface. View of dive boat. Diver re-emerges and climbs up. Two sailors walk across broad wet roadin town. Two walk up road towards sandy cloured church. Crossing old bridge towards gateway. Long mole in distance, white figures walk out. Two sailors look down at harbour from the land. Officers bar. Officers lounge. At the bar. Playing dice. Chatting. Red Ensign flutters in the wind. Ships company assemble on deck in 'Whites'. Band emerge on aircraft lift. Close up of men. Captain rises up, alone on aircraft lift. Close up of sailors. Lift stops, he walks off. Men lined up. Captain inspects men. Inspects Marines. Crucifix. Padre gives sermon. Carrier at sea crosses through shot. Planes on deck and men relaxing and playing games. Shots of men sunbathing. Comparing tattoes. Men singing and clapping. Keep fit.

Carrier from air. View of helicopters on back of the flight deck. Weather ballon released. Weather guages. Printer shows weather map. Weather map hand drawn. Meterological office. Aircrew being briefed. Briefer points at board. Close up of aircrew. Briefer points again. Aircraft maintainance control room. 'Scimiter' jet comes up on a lift. Hanger control team. Second aircraft goes up. Towed to position. Aircrew in briefing room. View from bridge. Tannoy. Aircrew leave briefing. Helicopter takes off. Pilot climbs into cockpit. Two helicopters now aloft. Plane prepared. Pilot dons helmet. Indicator lights change. Wheel chocks removed. Plane rolls forward to position. Crewman signals to pilot. Jet blast shield raised from deck. Indicator light goes green. Catapault hook is attached. Plane nose rises. Last sign shown to pilot. Pilot increases thrust. Pilot signals ok. Flag waved. Catapault button pressed. Plane is launched. Take off and banks left. Next plane positioned. Catapault cable attached. Launch followed by line of steam from the catapault. Officer watches through binoculars. Radar revolves. Three helicopters hover. Man tracks planes. Radar revolves. Plane lands and hook catches cable, men rush in to disengage. Cable wound up. Next plane lands. Emergency personnel stand by. Plane lands. Cables retensioned. Planes lands, seen from side. Pilots eat. Several shots of planes taking off. Sailors look up. Plane flies overhead. Sailors look up. Plane flies through cloud. Radar tracks. Men look up. Formation of four aircraft fly over. Emergency fire fighters wait. Plane flies low over deck. Planes land. Pilots view of landing on a carrier. Wake froths up behind the vessel. A plane landing from a head on deck level view. Plane low overhead. Plane landing. Flag decends on mast. Aerial view of carrier sailing away from us.

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