Film: 5192

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Film made to convince rural communities to install electricity. 1930's Heddingfold, East Handsworth.

Inhabitants of once prosperous village. Change in rural life. Thatched houses. Carpentry, making broom handles. Village church, man by war memorial. Thatcher at work (one shot) signs selling things, 'teas', 'eggs', empty rural classroom, bell ringer, the city, people out of factory, in the local pub. People leaving the village for work. The squire and his wife discuss village problems. Wife says she cannot get any staff because her kitchen is old fashioned. The whole village is old fashioned. district surveyor of bringing electricity to the village. Local by-pass meeting. Back in the pub, calling time. The butcher discusses electricity. Farmer shows farm with electricity. Crunching corn. electric milking, sterilisation. Egg incubator. sub-station. Women's institute meeting. They discuss electricity. Flower show disputes. Surveying fields, people on the phone. Typing, exchange, men unload poles for cables, bringing electricity to thatched cottages. the village under snow, the squire's engine has broken down, Squire is working on an engine, fuse boxes, main electrical switches, various electrical appliances, the wood work with electrically driven belts, in the smithy, harvesting, building a village hall, new cottages, 'Don't you get a thrill seeing the lives carry happiness' (?)

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