Film: 5198

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The Republic of Italy in the 1950's

Piazza del Popolo (Rome) as seen from the Pincio. An aerial view of Rome Palazzo Venezia (Venezia or Venice Palace) in Piazza Venezia (Venezia or Venice Square) The Quirinale Palace (Residence of the President of the Italian Republic). View of the Roman Forum The Coliseum. The castle of Sant Angelo. An aerial view of Saint Peter's Cathedral. A close-up of the dome. The facade of the cathedral. A map of Rome, where , on the left, the Vatican city is shown. Printers at work. Ambassadors and officials walking in a building accompanied by some Swiss guards. A map of the Vatican city. The Vatican city railway station. View of the rich interior of a palace, along the walls some sculptures and statues. Monks and other people admiring Raffaello's paintings. The interior of the famous Sistine Chapel. Close-up of Michelangelo's paintings. A man lying flat admiring the painted ceiling with the aid of binoculars. Saint Peter's Cathedral. View of the interior of the cathedral. People walking in the cathedral's vault. People praying beside the tombs of the popes. Pio XII on his chair carried by eight servants through the aisle of Saint Peter's. A close-up of the pope. View of a city destroyed by bombs. A railway wrecked by bombs. A town in ruins. People walking on a unpaved road carrying household goods with them. Women queuing to get some food, that is doled out from a huge pot. Two young children carrying a pot.
Black shirts marching on a road. Benito Mussolini. Mussolini making a speech from the balcony of Palazzo Venezia. View of the huge crowd gathered in the square. Italian soldiers and tanks in Ethiopia. A close-up of Mussolini wearing a helmet. Italian soldiers marching in Spain. General Franco saluting the troops. Mussolini wearing a Fez making a speech. Aerial view of the crowd in Piazza Venezia (Rome). Soldiers marching. On a podium Mussolini, Hitler, and Vittorio Emanuele III King of Italy. Mussolini making a speech gesticulating heavily. A bomb explosion. Cannons firing. American newspaper. A German plane. Mussolini comes out from the plane and shakes hands with Hitler. American jeeps driving through a street in Rome, on both sides a huge cheering crowd. A man hammering a monument destroying the fascist inscription. The Allied headquarters. Allied officials sitting around a table. A bridge under construction. The rebuilding of a railway track. Workmen at work in a power-station. A view of a flooded area. A sign warning of the danger of malaria(?). An army doctor and two other people spraying the interior of a building with DDT. A ship being unloaded. A convoy of lorries carrying goods. People putting bags of supplies on a cart. A huge crowd controlled by soldiers and some Carabinieri (the Italian military police). Women and children queuing for bread. A market in Campo Dei Fiori (Rome), in the middle of the square the bronze statue of Giordano Bruno. Women talking to each other. Soldiers buying newspapers. A man on a bike reading a newspaper. A close-up of an article relating to the massacre of the Fosse Ardeatine (Ardeatin caves). The entrance of the caves. The interior of the caves. The identification of the bodies buried in the caves by the Nazis. Four people carrying a wooden coffin on their shoulders. A list of the prisoners. Killed and then buried in the caves. A woman mourning, on her knees beside an open coffin, a man tries to support her. A priest spreads some holy water on the body. A crowd attending a trial. Pietro Caruso, the fascist Chief of Police, walks inside the court with the aid of two crutches, escorted by policemen. Shots of lawyers making their speeches. Another accused person , Donato Carretta, is grabbed and badly beaten by the ferocious crowd. Regina Coeli prison in Rome. People getting on some lorries. A cart pulled by two oxen in a village street. Women at work in a field. Two oxen pulling a plough in a field.

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