Film: 5199

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The reconstruction of France after World War Two and an analysis of the impact of the war on the French economy.

Wine shop in U.S.A from France. French perfumes sold in New York. Great shots of well dressed American shoppers looking at wine and perfume. French on puppets due to cloth shortage. Ships sunk in a harbour, tank, burnt out in field. Cattle, meat prices very high. Restaurants, high prices. soup kitchens. Mass production of coffins. French prisons full of collaborators. Bombed out towns. Unused machinery in factories. Coalition parliaments. M.R.P. party. Communist Party. socialist Party. Coal Industry. Steel. French army in Germany. French get Nazi's in prison. The Rhine. French supply council in Washington. Export of U.S.A trains to France. Loans from U.S.A. Re-building bridges. Parts restored. Building construction, low cost housing. Agricultural machinery and cattle. Vineyards, harvest and production. Cotton mills, material shop. Elections of 1946. French parliament. Man hand sews corn, vineyard, markets, family at meal.

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