Film: 5207

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Ulster or Northern Ireland in the 1950s

Agricultural Show at Belfast, cattle, sheep, the hunt, show jumping, reps selling agricultural equipment, map with counties, and statistics regarding farming, farmers chatting, customers looking at tractors, woman sits in a tractor, judging a white bull, grooming cows, farmers children riding a horse, children using a pitchfork, at the water pump, derelict farm houses.
Queen's University Belfast. Field with stumps of corn, Belfast docks,
Stormont. Farmers wives in a farm kitchen packing eggs. Good Old style Grocers shop, the shopkeeper puts eggs in a paper bag for the housewife. Watermill. Cattle driven though the streets. Dairy farming. Milk truck collects churns. Woman feeding hens. Woman selling eggs and buying groceries from the van. Arable farming, spraying, hay making, loading cattle into a truck, Loading pigs, eggs packing and grading, milking.
Inspectors and Standards. Potatoes. Removing granite from the fields. Young Farmers Club. Agricultural research and the Agricultural College, Animal nutrition. Genetically modified crops, genetic research

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