Film: 5210

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Birmingham United Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unit. Probation nurses in training prior to the foundation of the NHS. Hospitals. 1940's

Doors open on nurses in library and canteen, ping-pong. Girls with hockey sticks. On steps waves goodbye to car. Reading notice board in lecture hall. Correcting uniform, buttons, hats. Sister tutor tells nurses to sit. Close-ups of faces. Anatomy, skeleton. Handling bones. Demonstration ward. Bed making. Dental health. Medical examination. Tray of thermometers in glasses. Taking temperature. Bed making. Using telephone. Black ambulance. Lifting casualty off bed onto trolley. Preparing X-ray. Bandaged man. X-ray examination. Doctor on phone. Preparing operating theatre. Clearing equipment. Nurse gives injection. Puts on gown. Scrubbing-up. Patient into theatre. Anesthetist. Breathing-bag inflating. Gloved hands and masks. Instruments. Handing utensils to doctor / surgeon. Patient recovers. Takes pulse. Awarded certificate. Pin on medals. Study adverts in job pages. Weighing baby. Help man into bed. Daffodils in vase. Nurse relaxing, reading. Ends with nurse resembling Virgin Mary, with Halo.

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