Film: 5211

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Nylon production film intended to be shown to people working in that industry. Very long section at the end explains how to make the perfect yarn. Man-Made Textile industry. 1950s.

Shopping street in Cardiff, capital city of Wales. Very proper English man narrates. Pan into shop window of James Howells and Co Ltd ( a department store) where they have a nylon nightdress on display. Narrator says, "this old, established store has young ideas, for here in the window, is Nylon". Women window shop. Next to the nylon nightwear is a sign saying "Bri-Nylon - the best news since Nylon". Hoorah. Inside store. Sign for Hosiery department. Posh looking woman in hat speaks to the saleslady at the counter. Stockings in glass cabinets are visible under the counter. Woman makes a purchase. Close up on the packaging of the stockings: "Todorose - full fashioned 15 denier". Woman hands over a note and the saleswoman wraps the stockings.

Road sign saying "Leicestershire". Busy main road behind. Sign saying "City of Leicester". Sign saying "Hinckley Urban District". White factory building with sign saying "Tudorose stockings". Tram goes by outside. Blue van delivers yarn from the Pontypool factory to be made into stockings. Van unloaded. Close up on the "BNS Nylon" logo on the side. Boxes wheeled into crowded warehouse.

Machines which knit yarn into stockings. Bentley Cotton machine (smaller than above). Row of bobbins. Sheet of nylon wound onto tube. Pattern chain seen in close up. Bored looking woman sit at sewing machines. Some sew by hand. They make the stocking material into tubes - highly skilled work. Two men check the machines which make the "bare leg" style stocking with no seam down the back. Women inspect finished stockings. Reject bag.

=section missing=

Woman holds up Brylon nightdress and children's dressing gown. Machine makes warp-knit fabric. Socks being knitted on circular knitting machine. Socks on dummies on display. Woman holds up long tube of material. Woman holds up a pullover.

Close up of hands demonstrating how each type of knitting needle works in industrial knitting machines (latch needle, bearded needles, and compound needles). Demonstration of how a "slub" ( a tangle in the thread) can break the filaments of the thread. Broken filament breaks yarn. Broken fabric seen on machine. Bin marked fabric waste.

Factory in Tiverton, Devon. Over 100 looms all at work. Close up of large loom. Broken thread in middle of the cloth. Woven fabrics (patterned and plain) hung up on display. Woman holds up paisley blouse and patterned child's dress.

Red brick building marked "British Nylon Spinners". Fork lift truck picks up vat of polymer and carries it inside building. Inside - large spinning machines. Winding yarns on bobbins and tubes. Close up of scratch or burr on tube. Tube of yarn returned with letter of complaint. Close up of damaged tube. Large spinning cylinders. Yarn going through twisting machines. Workman checks roller for scratching. Close up of bent wire (the traveller) on which the yarn must pass. Traveller has a nick on it. Rollers (ceramic and aluminium). Lin winding on to cones. Man sits at warping machine. Man loads finished cloth onto crate. Long section explaining how flying waste can become caught in the winding process. Man packages yarn. Factory workers queue up to receive their wages. Man counts money. End.

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