Film: 5213

Adverts | 1980 | Sound | B/W + Colour


History of advertisements (commercials) from 1890's to 1950's introduced by John Huntley.

Mack Sennett clips -cars crashing, cowboy sitting backwards on a horse, a lion jumps on a desk, a car falls off a pier, slapstick bedroom farce, cars fall off a cliff, a woman tied to a railway track is rescued from death.

Exterior of the Electric Palace cinema, Harwich, Essex, built 1911. John Huntley introduces cinema advertisements.

It is claimed that "Footpads" made in 1896 by Robert Paul is the first cinema advertisement. The word "Bovril" is just visible on the wall of a building as the backdrop to a scene of a gentleman in a top hat being mugged by ruffians. A policeman intervenes.

The first authenticated cinema advert is for Dewar's Whiskey, made by Thomas Edison in 1897. Men in kilts perform Scottish dancing.

Sunlight Soap advert from c.1900. Women wring out clothes in large washtubs and hang them on the washing line, a little girl is with them. Boxes marked "Sunlight Savon" and "Sunlight Seife" are on the ground.

Advert for Kiwi Boot Polish with speeded up film of boys polishing a row of boots. Close up of the polish lid and cut out animation as the kiwi's mouth opens and the letters K I W I come out of it.

John Huntley in the cinema holds a Mini Max Fire Extinguisher. The advert shows women making the fire extinguishers in the factory, they are wearing caps as they sit at the machines. A man in the factory spray paints an extinguisher. The extinguishers are given a final inspection before they leave the factory. Outside, a man demonstrates the use of the extinguisher by putting out a fire.

Peak Frean biscuit factory, speeded up film of men and women making and packing the biscuits. This ad is from 1907.

Bryant and May matches advert from 1910 shows men in caps outside the factory loading logs onto a cart. Inside the factory the scenes are speeded up as the camera had to be slowed down to get an exposure, due to lack of light. Women at machines make and sort the matches. Endorsement by the Royal Navy as a sailor uses a match to light his pipe and smokes happily.

John Huntley speaks to camera about the introduction of colour film, standing beside an old film camera. Advert for the G.P.O. (General Post Office), an abstract film from the 1930s by animator Len Lye.

Advert for Optrex Eye Lotion using animated puppet, mid-1930s. It uses Gasparcolor, popular before Technicolor. The puppet, a man in a top hat, waves at a doorway then walks in a street with high buildings on both sides. The buildings then revolve quickly The animated label rolls itself onto the bottle and the bottle of Optrex sprouts an animated arm and doffs its lid/top hat.

Advert for Craven 'A' cigarettes. Animated sequence as cigarettes stand and dance as though in a Hollywood musical. "For Your Throat's Sake Smoke Craven 'A'. "

John Huntley speaks from the back of the cinema stalls. Animated advert for Shell using cartoon by HM Bateman (Punch cartoonist).

"Aspirin" (Cafiaspirin) ad using animated silhouettes of musicians by Lotte Reiniger, mid 1930s.

Advert made by the film unit of the General Post Office. A 1930s telephone. "Fire" "Accident" "Burglary" Accuracy" appear on screen. Telephone girls in matching costumes with ruffed collars and cuffs sing as they connect calls.

Two robbers in flat caps shine a torch then blow a safe, a policeman catches them, the manager and two women rush in and the safe is opened to reveal a stack of Eldorado Ice Cream. The bowtied manager mops his brow with a handkerchief in relief as the usherettes carry out trays of the ice cream.

John Huntley sits in the cinema stalls eating an ice cream. Shot of sign at cinema ticket booth "Admission one shilling". Decorative ceiling of interior of Electric Palace cinema. Shot of the stalls and screen from the back of the cinema, showing ornate interior.

Pearl and Dean theme. Screen shows "Pearl and Dean present" with Greek temple. Jack Dean Interviewed. Film of athletes racing around a track. A woman in costume pours hot water from a large silver pot into cups and adds Ovaltine, "only official food of the Olympic Village". Modern (1930s) athletes go to the drinks table. A man and a woman drink from their cups. Two women in sweaters drink. Two men drink. All six people stand and drink. Miniature Greek pillar with various flags waving at the bottom. A tin of Ovaltine sits at the top of the pillar. Ovaltine "gives you the will to win." Further interview with Jack Dean.

Advert for Brown and Poulson Cornflour, 1940s. The first part is in the style of an elaborate sixteenth century costume drama and was photographed by Jack Cardiff in Technicolor and filmed on a feature film set. Voiceover by Finlay Currie. Trucks carry the corn flour to the factory. The flour pours down chutes. Liquid is stirred by machine in a large vat. Packets of the cornflour move along a conveyor belt. A woman packs them into boxes. The boxes move along the conveyor belt. Corn flour pours down a chute.

1931 advert for Eagle steamers travelling to Southend, Margate, Ramsgate and Clacton. The Royal Eagle leaves port. People queue to board, women in hats chat and laugh as they cross the gangplank. The steamer restaurant, the tables are full and a waiter serves. Another waiter pours champagne for a couple. People sit and smoke, a waiter with a sailor's cap pours coffee. Passengers sit in seats on deck, sleeping or talking. The steamer sails on the sea.

A man in a band plays the banjo. A man in a dinner suit sings "Oh my carpet" to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine". He is joined by two other men pushing Hoover vacuum cleaners. A waiter vacuums under tables.

Cigarette advert - a singer and a chorus line perform a routine then turn around to reveal the letters WILD WOODBINES on their backs.

Two servants, a housemaid and an elderly housekeeper, talk as the housekeeper is ironing. The housekeeper recommends Robin Starch and Reckitt's Blue to help the girl in her future married life.

Two large middle-aged ladies in their bras and knickers in a training film for sales staff for Viyella underwear.

A glamorous young woman prepares a bath with Reckitts Bath Cubes. An older working class couple in the bathroom wearing dressing gowns, the man cheers up when his wife gives him a bath cube for his bath. A man in a bath robe calls to the first woman through the bathroom door, she recommends a Reckitt's Lavender Bath Cube for his own bath and passes one out to him. Shot of the packet.

1924 advert for Trojan car. A car does a 12-point turn in a busy street in York. A couple cuddling in a car turn around to usher the cameraman away. Then they pull up the car's roof.

A singer with a dance band sings "Rhythm of the Road" to shots of a car driving through the countryside. The car is full of people and travels along a lovely tree-lined road, there are no other cars in sight. This ad is for Ford cars.

John Huntley talks about stars endorsing products. Advert for "Ruflette" curtain tape, woman struggles with making curtains. She is the actress Cicely Courtneidge and her husband in the ad was her real-life husband, the comedian Jack Hulbert. The couple hug.

Flotsam and Jetsam, a popular music hall act, perform a song (one sings, one is on piano) to advertise Germolene ointment.

Persil soap powder advert, 1940's. Three girls are dressed as Snow White, two are music hall stars.

John Huntley sits in the cinema. With him, we see on screen the very first advertisement to be shown on British television, for Gibbs SR toothpaste. Water trickles over ice. A tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush are encased in a block of ice. The toothpaste squeezes onto the brush. A woman (Meg Smith) brushes her teeth. A bottle of Sodium Ricinoleate Solution (this gives the tingle, says the voiceover). Packet of toothpaste, which opens and the tube comes out. The packet is surrounded by ice.

A man (a teacher) talks to an employee at a desk in a railway office, he wants to book a special train for his pupils. A poster on the wall reads "Save to travel, Buy LNER 1/-s stamps". View of English countryside with church spire. Norwich, Pull's Ferry. King's College, Cambridge. Another shot of Cambridge. Lavenham, Suffolk, with thatched Tudor houses, a horse and cart travels up the street. Ely Cathedral. A steam train rushes through the countryside. An interview in a school office, the teacher tells the headmaster how beneficial it will be to organise a rail trip for the pupils. Schoolboys sit on a train. Some are playing cards at a table. Inter-title "Examination Day", boys in school uniform rush out of the school building. The teacher is in the headmaster's office again. The head tells him that exam results have improved and that the Governors will approve of the trip having improved the boys' knowledge.


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