Film: 5214

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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The coastline of Britain 1960's

Close up underside of boat coming off ramp. Lifeboat training exercise (lighthouse, rocks, high waves, men in yellow Macintoshes), crosscut with couple in small fishing boat. Winching lifeboat onto ramp. Rear view of two lifeboat crew driving in jeep. Industrial shots: smokestack, factory interior, gasworks. Factory workers wearing safety goggles. Gas leak heroics, workers wearing gas masks rescue an unconscious co-worker. Fishing boat/tractor, interior dance hall. Scale model fishing net. Interior of office at night. Ocean with crashing wind and waves. Wife trying to prevent husband from going out fishing. Close up of man rowing. Dark and choppy sea. Bloodied hands and face. Rescue operation from sinking boat.

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