Film: 5218

History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Historical reconstruction with interesting shots of American War of Independence and of George Washington in conference. 1930's

Opening shot of family at log cabin - woman fills bucket from river. Interior shots of family doing domestic chores. Boy rushes in .
'Indians'. Family flee to fort. British soldiers.
Washington is Commanding Officer of Virginia Regiment - seen receiving commission. Next he visits a frontier post - soldiers, horses. Inspects rough recruits.
Interior shot - Washington urges governor to combine against the French. Next, Washing ton calls on Martha Curtis. Colonial mansion, black grooms in wig. We see Martha, his future wife, and her father at the door as Washington leaves.
Frontiersmen elect Washington to House of Burgesses. Scene in the House. Members applaud Colonel Washington for his efforts in the field. Old print of Act of George III - taxation on colonies. Colonists resent this. Washington seen in dining room talking to friends - agree not to buy English goods. War begins at Lexington and Concord. Rider gallops across country. Rough colonists assemble. - British troops march. British officer tells rebels to disperse. Scenes of fighting between soldiers and rebels. Next scene is the House of Burgesses. Washington says he'll equip 1000 men and lead them to Boston. He is now C.O. of the Continental Army. (Now seems much older and wears a wig.) Scene at the Assembly in Philadelphia. Next a long bit of text - 'The scenes of Washington crossing the Delaware are from Wm. Randolph Hearst to give the nation's children a true picture of the struggle to win America's freedom'.

Scenes of Washington and others riding across country. Further scenes of hand-to-hand fighting. Washington near Boston - equips and drills raw recruits. Earthworks are thrown up - scenes by night and at dawn.
Congress declares independence. British drive Washington out of New York (Map of area - no text). British officers pounce ?? to attend "Mrs Murray's Tea Party".
Graphic scenes of fighting at Trenton (New Jersey ?)- men in small boats, icy river, snow. 25th December 1776. More fighting at Princeton. Another map of New York area - disposition of British troops under Burgoyne and St Leger. Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga. Bands of 'Tories and Indians' terrorise the frontier. Scenes of fighting. Burning house.
Scene of British officers at table. General Howe toasts Washington. Snowy winter scene at Valley Forge - shots of men struggling through snow. Franklin appeals to France for help. Scene of Franklin meeting Louis XVI. Alliance with France. Next Washington and his officers receive the good news. Battle scenes at Charleston. British move to Virginia. Map shows this. French fleet arrives.. Shots of Battle of Yorktown. General Cornwallis surrenders.
Interior shot of Washington saying farewell to his officers.
But - after Independence, much disorder. Anarchy. Mobs attack courts - refuse to pay taxes.

Scene in customs house in Virginia - 'They won't pay'. Washington is asked to help curb disorder.
Constitution is drawn up to unite the colonies. Washington becomes the first president. Appears on balcony. People cheer. First cabinet meets. Map shows Washington's journeys through the States to see conditions. Scenes of forest being cleared, sowing and reaping. Barge being pulled by horse.
Washington's cabinet discuss War Debts. South insists on a capital on the Potomac.
Scenes of fighting in the West. British troops and Indians still fighting - shots of burning houses.
Titles summarise Washington's role in uniting the colonies and building the nation. Washington retires - seen with his wife in his house, with slaves. House is 'America's Most Revered Shrine'

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