Film: 5219

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Safety at sea. 1970's

Rear View of man sitting in large armchair, reading book. Close up of intercom machine on desk. Overhead view of man sitting, cigarette burns in ashtray. General view of docks, moored frigates. Man walking next to large ship. Close shot of man wearing sunglasses. Walking through docks. Crane in action. Frigates in docks. Close up of 'smoking prohibited' sign. Sign catches fire. Medium shot of frigate. Mooring ropes. Ship's captain in uniform. Man in sunglasses looking at 'no admission except on business' sign. Ship's cranes in action. Man waving from deck. Docker untying load of planks. Unloading wood from ship with crane, close shot of hook. Docker passing steel cable to man. Hook swings, striking man in the face. Man falling to his knees, clutching bloody face. Dockers kneeling next to man. Seagulls flying overhead. Man in sunglasses entering ship, sitting on a pipe in engine-room. Man standing by control panel in engine room. General views of engine room. Man welding, close up of face wearing goggles. Overhead shot of engine room. Captain speaks into radio. Men pulling rope through winch. Young man accidentally stepping into loop of rope. Captain signalling 'stop' with his hand. Man pushes boy out of loop in rope. Man with sunglasses sits in deckchair. Palm tree swaying in the wind, pan down to couple on beach. Shot of coastline of tropical island. Passengers on ship's deck wearing lifejackets. Lifeboat being lowered. Men screwing gripes. Steward with tray walks up steps. Captain sliding door open. Man chewing. Wiping his mouth and hands. Man walking down steps. Man entering door marked 'galley'. cooks working in the kitchen, Ship's galley. Soup, oil heating in pan. Meat hooks, liver being placed into hot oil, close up of foot wearing flip-flop shoe. Opening oven door. Turning liver in pan. close up of leather-gloved hands removing book from pocket. Row of knives in rack. Close up of chopping carrot. Boy washing dishes. Man opening tins with knife. Boy pulls knife out of sink and cuts his hand. Boy screaming in close up. Close up of man chopping finger with knife. Knife falls to floor. Man in sunglasses opening door to reveal well-furnished cabin. Opening another door, room is messy. Close shots of nudie girl posters. Close up of makeshift 'universal plug'. Young man smoking cigarette, rear view of naked man. Close up of cigarette in ashtray. Men in communal bathroom, shaving, walking around naked. Men's buttocks. Showering. man spraying another man with hosepipe. Men fighting with hosepipe. Man whipping other men with towel. close up of soap sliding on top of razor blade. Man knocks cigarette onto floor with his backside. Empties bin into bed. Close up of foot treading on cigarette. Man drying himself in cabin, turning on radio. Close up of radio. Shaving with electric razor, radio crackling, man bangs it with hand. close up of hand tugging wire at plug, sparks fly from socket. Extreme long shot of ship on horizon, sunset. elderly man wearing goggles sanding the deck. Man painting with roller. Shot of man standing on ladder. Man climbing down ladder with paint pot. Long shot of man in safety-harness, scaling mast using grease-gun. Man sitting on deck wearing swimming-trunks, lights cigarette. Close up of man on harness placing knife in back pocket knife falling. Sticking into deck between smoking man's legs. close up of poster bearing woman's face holding 'please take care' notice. Panoramic shot of frigate. General views of crew descending down steps. Men browsing at market stall. Close shots of fruit etc. Men diving into sea. Men sit drinking at bar table. Man in sunglasses reading book in chair on ship's bridge. Smoking cigarette. Men running up gangplank. Playing football with hat. Man falling through gap into ship's hold. Long shot of man lying dead with hat next to him. long shot of tanker by night. Safety film.

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