Film: 5224

Media | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Behind the scenes on a Bond movie, Spy Who Loved Me. 1970's

The very futuristic looking submarine base interior. The crew stands around drinking tea and eating sandwiches. At deck level, yellow and grey barrels beside the water where the submarine sits. Lewis Gilbert, director, gives an interview in his directors chair. Interview with Ariel Levy, first assistant director, who describes the scene. Bob Simmons, Action Arranger or stunt manager walks through the scene. Bill Cartlidge, Associate Producer reads through the scene and talks about the financial costs and how long it will take. Levy talks about the special effects department. Gilbert sets out the shot, talking to all his underlings. Gilbert gets 'John', Roger Moore's stand in, to walk through the shot, over a bridge. Claude Renoir, Director of Photography talks about fixing the lights. Roger Moore talks with a crew member. Others lean over the railings. Renoir smokes a cigarette while other lighting crew members move the lights around. Gilbert talks again, setting up the shot. The two directors and the stunt co-ordinator talk about the staircase. The rehearsal of the scene with a stunt double. The camera shoots the shot with Roger Moore. Quiet is called on the set and they do the first take. The photographer adjusts the camera. The take in widescreen. The alarm goes to free talking on the set. The directors consult. Three cameras used to shoot the second part of the scene. Lots of guards in red overalls. Shoots of the scene with Roger Moore. Gilbert explains about quick cutting. Interview with Roger Moore.

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