Film: 5227

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Interior design and home decorating with paint 1960's

One of those lovely paint films, but this one's more interesting than most. The factory shots are lovely with conveyor belts, production lines and bright colours. Also nice material of paint used in domestic and industrial environments. Good shots of young women in a typing pool.
Black and white film of London traffic. Buses and cars go past and under Bridgeview in Hammersmith, West London. Shots of modern buildings. Title on screen, and the film dissolves into colour images.
General views of modern office blocks and flats. Close up of a road sign and traffic lights. A red fire engine comes out of Wimbledon Fire Station. A train moves through the countryside. Shots of trams on Blackpool seafront, then of Blackpool Tower. A bridge spans an expanse of water - "Paint for every possible purpose".
A yellow Walpamur van turns into the Walpamur factory. Close up of the factory sign which includes the royal crest "By appointment to...". A blue road tanker drives into the yard. Inside the warehouse sacks are moved about by forklift truck. A small incision is made in one of the sacks and a sample of green pigment is taken out. Pigment is checked in the works' laboratory to ensure that the colour is consistent. Amounts are weighed in balance scales. Chaps in brown overcoats do various tests with samples of paint ingredients. Interiors of the varnish plant. Men in white overalls adjust large machinery by turning taps and dials. One man tips a sack of white powder into a large vat. Another, wearing protective clothing, takes a small sample of hot liquid (probably varnish). Back in the laboratory a technician swirls a purple liquid in a flask. Close up of brightly coloured spades which are used to shovel pigment. Various close ups of paint mixing machinery - a yellow vat with stirring equipment, red paint being mixed, blue paint. A worker tips a sack of yellow powder into a machine. In another part of the factory colours are mixed by adding paint together. Close ups of the machinery working - large rotary drum and a turning wheel combine the colours. Nice montage of the industrial processes going on: coloured rollers, getting yellow paint to the right consistency, paint being poured from one machine to another. A sample of green paint is taken in a small metal tin. The lid is sealed.
Back in the laboratory a white coated technician pins a colour sample to the wall with other colours. This is the Colour Standards Department. The technician signs the back of a sample to show that it is okay.
Really nice montage follows in the factory of the paint being tinned and packaged. A woman puts lids on tins on a conveyor belt. Measured amounts of red paint is squirted into tins. Tins are filled with other colours in a similar way: white, green and red. Shots of the range of Walpamur and Duradio paints - "A paint for every purpose". Close ups of individual types.
Shot of "Walpamur Paints Everywhere!" logo on the side of the works. A Royal Mail van leaves the site. Postal orders are tipped out of a sack and sorted - manually into trays and by machine. When received they are stamped. Female secretaries work in a typing pool. Close up of one order which has carbonated coloured sections for the various departments. A man goes through an individual order and selects the appropriate items, and stacks them on a trolley. A fork lift truck moves pallets through the warehouse. At the back door orders are loaded onto a van and the trucks leave the yard. Shots of overseas Walpamur factories: East Africa, Canada, Australia and Eire. Another typing pool - women sit in rows behind desks. In the accounts department women flick through carousels of figures - a busy office scene.
A Walpamur truck travels through town delivering to retailers and decorators. An extended ladder is propped up against the wall of a two storey house. A man is about to ascend, when he notices the camera, and so talks to us about the preparation of surfaces before painting instead. Nice montage of professional decorators working in and outside the house (the music's great too!): sanding down a drain pipe, sanding French doors, painting a wooden garage door, painting board under the eaves. Inside walls, doors, window frames, ceilings and radiators are painted by different decorators. Shot of a factory interior, with Walpamur paing being used to maintain the machinery - painting with a brush and application with a spray gun. Oil drums are sprayed in bright colours, then rolled on a conveyor belt. Back at the Walpamur factory the Research and Development staff continue to test both paints and varnish. Sample packaging is made up for Walpamur's own customers - Bird's Eye boxes and Gibbs SR toothpaste packaging are printed. Shot of a rack with small jars of coloured pigment. In the laboratory they test the production machinery (smaller scale models of the plant) before it goes into full production. The paint itself is tested for durability, wear and impact, bendability, scratch resistance and coverage. Colour is checked.
Mechanical weathering apparatus accelerates the effect of the elements on the paint samples. Racks of samples are also exposed to actual weather conditions outside and on a roof.
A female technician performs hygiene tests. A man observes samples under a microscope. Shot of a hospital ward with lots of painted surfaces. Chocolates are made in a factory, and they move along painted surfaces on a conveyor belt. Melted chocolate is poured into a vat. Close up of a wicker basket filled with shopping. Pan up to a housewife as she unpacks the items. She walks across her fitted kitchen wearing a red and white checked apron that matches the curtains. She talks to camera about paint in the home: "Imagine a modern home without colour". The image of the kitchen fades to black and white. Close ups of appliances: carpet sweeper, washing machine, utensil jars, food mixer. View of the kitchen as the colour dissolves back into the picture. Our house wife continues to busy herself as she says how thankful she is for paint. Colour close ups of the washing machine, the utensil jars, the carpet sweeper. She weighs flour on the kitchen scales. In the living room father types while smoking his pipe. Baby in his playpen knocks the bars with a toy. Father glances at baby.
In the Walpamur Interior Design Department designers sit at drawing boards and work. Close up of a detailed coloured picture of an interior. Fabric and carpet samples are also on hand so that the technicians can give advice. Scale models of buildings are made and colours are tested on them. A man puts a pink ceiling in a model church. Mass proceeds in an actual church which has painted walls. A picture design of a swimming pool is followed by the interior itself with children diving from the boards into the water below. A factory has brightly coloured pipes and ceilings. The restored Pump Room at Cheltenham Spa has used Walpamur paint - view of the ceiling and columned rooms. A small road in a town with "Ye Olde King's Head Restaurant". A red bus passes a statue of Queen Victoria outside Windsor Castle. A policeman in a white coat directs traffic. A Fine Fare supermarket van passes by.

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