Film: 5228

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Early launch of Concorde. Concorde and intercontinental air travel. 1970's

Old bi-plane, reconstruction of the Wright brothers (?) flies in the air. Men fit propellers to the front of an early aircraft. An early plane flight from afar. An early air traffic control tower, a man waves a flag from the front of it. An early plane takes off. Inside an early passenger plane, very posh looking people, one on each side of the plane, a small girl in a white tam sits across from an elderly man. A bi-plane G-EBBG flies beside us. Old airplane advertisements, 1920s. G-ADUX, a large motor plane of the 1930s lands on the water on its wide, flat belly. A man in a tie looks out a plane window. A bright metal plane flies. A woman takes a sip out of a small plastic glass beside an airplane window, she leans back and smokes her cigarette. Another bright metal plane takes off over us. A stewardess walks down an aisle with a tray of glasses. A jet plane flies just below us. A National plane takes off. Another plane takes off, its landing gear just picking up. A plane creates water vapour behind it as it flies into the sunset. A Concorde plane emerges from behind an aircraft hangar. A runway map, a hand moves a peg over to the start of a runway. From above, Concorde taxis to the start of the runway. The hand moves the peg again. The supersonic jet moves along the runway. View out of the cockpit window. The supersonic jet takes off. Concorde flies through the blue sky. The pilots in the cockpit in orange jump suits. Various views of Concorde flying.

Various jets doing acrobatic stunts, many with delta wing patterns. X-rays that show the wing pattern around a delta wing pattern. Another jet plane flies by. A pre-Concorde prototype. Concorde flying again. The pilots in their cockpit again. Concorde lowers her landing gear. She lands, ground crew signal her in. An airline check in desk. A line up of people in the airport waiting to check in, possibly Heathrow. A BOAC airplane takes off. Two girls walk with their backs, a group of young girls walk with a porter who pushes their bags. A mother with a child tries to find a seat on a trolley. A man carries his luggage but turns around. A woman with two children. A child gets bumped in between adults hips. Various travellers in the airport. A taxi pulls up to the departures terminal, he pays the taxi, the porter gets his bags, it is very empty. The man checks in, the air line hostess fits his ticket into its holder. She tags his baggage. People board an airplane, it is very low and most people have to stoop. The air hostess makes a speech at the front of the plane. Passengers make themselves comfortable. Concorde takes off. The steward serves drinks. Concorde flies above the clouds. Diagrams of an earth show the decrease in journey times. London- New York, New York Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Sydney. The passengers on the plane. The stewardess makes another announcement. A man puts his watch back. Concorde lands. The baggage collection conveyor belt. The man picks his bag off the baggage trolley. The man exits the airport. He drives his bright yellow car out of the airport parking lot. Men walking along the airport walkway. An interview with a business man just off a plane. Interviews with various businessmen. The United Nation building in New York, interview with Bruce Munn, UPI correspondent with UN. Concorde factory in Britain with a partially completed Concorde jet under construction. Various people working on Concorde. Various parts of the plane prior to construction. Various shots of Concorde flying, taking off, landing. Professor Richard Scorer, from Imperial College London, gives explanation that refutes the idea that the nitrogen given off by Concorde engines would cause ozone depletion, how wrong he was! Ozone layer depletion. Aerial view of Athens, Greece with Acropolis, Parthenon, and lykavettos hill. Aerial view of Beirut, Lebanon. Bombay, India. Singapore. People in boats. Airport workers with fuel line. Night in Tokyo, Japan. Concorde flying over Sydney harbour bridge in Sydney, Australia. Gordon Bennet, FAA Representative. More shots of Concorde flying.

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