Film: 5229

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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French language teaching, using tape recorders and slides.1960's

A teacher stands in a classroom and talks. He wears a black suit and has funny slightly, buck teeth., the teacher is Michael Barlington. Children file into a classroom. Chldren stand at their desks. The teacher asks for the door to be closed. Children speak in unison at their desks. The teacher stands in front of the class and asks questions. All of the children raise their hands to answer. Two boys get a projector screen out of a cupboard and the teacher gets the projector and sets it up at the back of the class. Two girls close the drapes, the lights are turned off and the projector turned on. A slide appears on the screen, animated cartoon, sentences are said in French. The boy operating the projector adjusts the focus and changes to the next slide. The teacher operates the audio reel. Some of the children mouth the words. The audio repeats. The teacher motions for the class to speak with the tape on the second time around. This goes on for some time. Good shots of chlidren sitting at their desk and talking in unison. Good shots of children raising their hands in response to questions. At a word, the two girls get up and open the drapes. The boys take the screen away and the teacher unloads and puts away the projector. The teacher, explains the uses of the audio visual tools. He goes to a blackboard and starts to write, he draws symbols for the post office, the pharmacy and the little stick people, the blackboard is a rolling one. He draws a picture and asks a question about it he continues on like this, he erases the black board and starts again. The blackboard is again one of the rolling ones. He puts the chalk and eraser down and picks up a play clock with 'Quelle heure est-il? ' written below. He moves the hands of the clock and ask questions. The class is very keen, everyone keeps raising their hands, one chubby child hesitates in putting his hand up during this round of questioning the teacher puts the clock away and one of the girls in the front row gets up. She and the teacher have a conversation, pretending to be buying tickets. The children watch attentively. The teacher calls up another student and the new girl acts out the dialogue. The teacher resumes his place at the front of the class and asks questions about the dialogue. A boy and a girl do another dialogue, one as the policeman and the other as a tourist. Two boys act out an assistant in a shop serving a customer in l'epicerie. Next the teacher picks out someone to act as teacher. The girl gets up and draws on the board. The teacher calls a new pupil up to play teacher. The boy draws on the board and asks his classmates questions. Two more children get up in front of the class and act as teacher, the last girl doesn’t draw, she asks questions.
The bell rings and all the children line up at their desks, say goodbye and file out. Filmed at Ashton -On-Ribble Secondary School and the Form 1B class. The empty classroom.

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