Film: 5239

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Language studies 1960's

Opening shot of a baby being cradled. Followed by children singing along to a woman playing a classical guitar. There appears a man in suit, tie and gingham checked shirt directly addressing camera, he explains that the film will be looking at the child's early experiences in school. The man interviews an Oxfordshire primary school headmaster 'Tom John', Parkinson-style with padded swing chairs and a coffee table in between. A close up on Mr. John as he speaks, he states that the childrenhave already had five years of primary education, going through a most important period of learning, in which they have had valuable experience in the realm of the spoken word, he suggests that we see the mother and child in the home. The picture fades to mother and child in domestic home setting, the mother is sewing, we see the way they behave around one another.

We move back to the interview, where the two men discuss the child that we have just seen. Tom John explains that there is a kind of 'shorthand' language between the mother and the child. We next see a young children and teacher in a classroom, the children play with toys and read books. Children are talking to their teacher, on the desk before them are several bowls containing food mixtures. Some of the children sit at a small round table, there is a tea set on the table, it turns out to be one of the children's 5th birthday.

There are two slightly older children being taught by their teacher. Returning to the classroom, where two children are reading from a book on their lap, a female teacher comes over to where they are sitting and assists them with the book, she explains something in the book to the children. Returning to the interview, where the camera focuses on the interviewer who delivers the final speech to the camera, summing up

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