Film: 5244

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film contrasting living conditions of blacks and whites in South Africa. Apartheid. 1970's

Apartheid filmed illegally by members of the Pan Africanist Congress of South Africa.

Still shots of black people segregated with high fences. African wildlife - antelope, giraffes, lions, elephant.
City shots. A white Rugby game. High rise buildings including the Eagle Star Insurance and National Bank of South Africa. Marching band and troops.
Housing in a black area with people making their way to work in the city.
Soweto the black township of Johannesburg where life is deserted in the day until the parents return from work. Children play in streets and dogs roam. Malnutrition and poverty is evident amongst the shack houses with primitive sanitation. Children working the city as messengers, newspaper boys or carrying baskets for white women.
Education is free to all except blacks - a comparison between school buildings and facilities. Black children taught in large class and outside with few books. White children in large building with smart uniforms play with yo-yos. Smart housing with burglar alarms, outdoor pools and bathrooms. Views of servants quarters where a black servant lives whilst working for a white family. A white man plays tennis whilst black workers roll the grass. A black road sweeper. White women shopping. Signs stating white/Europeans only. Blacks sit and play cards whilst white people only sit on park benches. Men's and ladies toilets stating white/European only. A black woman changes her baby on the side of the road. A man holds out a hat begging. Black men on the back of lorries travelling between work in the city. Men singing whilst in a line digging up a road for pipes. A train and station with sign 'whites only'. A separate entrance stating non-whites. Hoards of black people making there way back to their homes surrounded by fencing. One man climbs over the high perimeter fence. Township scenes and poverty.
Cape Town. Signs 'white only'.
A Sugar Mill and black people working clearing the ground. A place known as Tin Town - children in streets, standpipe for water, living areas and faces.
Grahamstown. Views of grand buildings and college students.
Poor buildings with corrugated tin, standpipe, donkey and cart and children in streets.
Blacks work on a farm with a tractor. Harvesting paw-paws, mango and oranges.
Black women washing clothes by hand. Working in the mines. Dead animals - rats. Living quarters with bunks.
A black township outside Cape Town - the families sent here superfluous to requirements. Hostels for black workers not allowed to live with their families.
A woman grinding corn - children with torn clothes washing.
A French helicopter, Mirage fighter jet and British Buccaneer flying - all from S. Africa. South African forces (all white) and marching band.
Still b/w photos of Robben Island prison for political prisoners. Still shots of several of the prisoners including Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, President of the then Pan Africanist Congress, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Abram Fischer, and Ahmed Kathrada.
List of names passes individually on the screen of all those sentenced to death.

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