Film: 5246

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The Baltic Shipping Exchange 1970's

Bulk carrier. 'Tramps' boats. Loading and unloading grain and sugar and so on. Bacon and eggs on a breakfast table. Pest spraying helicopter. People, London. Bridge. Footage of shipping exchange. People chatting and drinking tea. Christening a ship. Man carries sack of food into cow pen. Grain loading docks. Telex machines at the exchange. Busy dealing or trading hall. chopping and loading sugar cane ? Loading sacks onto lorry. Combine harvester. Man pushes luggage on airport trolley. People driving baggage car. Passengers boarding British Airways aircraft. Cargo of sheep and horses. Small boat carries crew to ship. Cargo ship in grain port. Small coastal vessel. Cleaning hull with hosepipe. Construction of oil rigs. More cargo ships. Tankers. Oil storage buildings. Band marches through street. Carnival floats.

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