Film: 5250

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The sea 1970's

Shots of gravestones. Two old men look at 18th century paintings of seamen. Footage of HMS Victory interior. HMS Victory. Sea-scouts, young sailors being trained. Climbing rigging. Battleships (contemporary), helicopter. Jets, etc on naval exercise. Loading and firing depth charges. Various naval boats. Lightships. Tugs. Loading transport vessels. Boats in China? Boat breaking through ice. Ice Breaker. Various cargo vessels. 'Donkey-riding' sea shanty. Cow being loaded onto ship by crane. Tanker with pipe lines. Launching of lifeboat. Trawler travels through stormy sea. Pulling in nets. Fish. Party on luxury liner. Sunbathing, exercising etc. Crew of liner. Tattooing. Pub signs pictures of ships. More naval vessels. 'Wreck books'. Shipwreck. Sailors blowing whistles. Lots of footage of different types of craft (working). People kissing. Waves.

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